Prow radar obstacle simulator for testing on an aircraft and a method thereof

Tipo: Patente
Airbus Defence and Space, S.A.U (33,33%)
TTI Norte, S.L (33,33%)
Skylife Engineering, S.L (33,33%)
Ramirez Cano, Francisco Javier
Parrilla Casquet, Luis Miguel
Domínguez Cordero, Yaisel
Barea Mestre, Antonio
Berdonces Machio, Deborah
Marante Torres, Reinel
Gago Alonso, Óscar
The present invention provides a prow radar obstacle simulator system for testing on an aircraft, the system comprising: a hood comprising a plurality of antennas configured to receive radio frequency (RF) signals from an aircraft radar, the hood being made of a RF absorbent material; a signal processing means for processing the radar RF signals received by the plurality of antennas, the signal processing means being in data communication with the plurality of antennas and comprising first converting means for converting radar RF signals to an intermediate frequency (IF) signal and vice versa; and a control unit in data communication with the signal processing means and configured to process the IF signals for generating an echo signal based on at least one predefined echo pattern; wherein at least one antenna of the plurality of antennas is also configured to emit the generated echo signal to the aircraft radar.