Optical coherence tomography probe for crossing coronary occlusions

Título alternativo: Sonde de tomographie par cohérence optique destinée à traverser des occlusions coronariennes
Tipo: Patente
MedLumics S. L (100%)
Margallo Balbás, Eduardo
Rubio Guivernau, José Luis
Valero Jiménez, Santiago
Lloret Soler, Juan
AU2015298875A1; BR112017002605A2; CA2957637A1; CN106922124A; EP3178182A2; JP2017529131A; US10206584B2; US11517199B2; US2016038031A1; US2019175023A1; WO2016020525A3
Systems and methods for controlling a guide with the aid of optical coherence tomography (OCT) data are described. A guide wire includes at least one optical fiber, a flexible substrate, and one or more optical elements. The at least one optical fiber transmits a source beam of radiation. The flexible substrate includes a plurality of waveguides. At least one of the plurality of waveguides transmits one or more beams of radiation away from the guide wire, and at least one of the plurality of waveguides receives one or more beams of scattered radiation that have been reflected or scattered from a sample. The multiplexer generates the one or more beams of exposure radiation from the source beam of radiation. The one or more optical elements at least one of focus and steer the one or more beams of radiation.
Materia: Electricidad
CIP: H04J14/00 (2006.01)
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