Publicaciones en la fuente DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021A local analysis to determine all optimal solutions of p-k-max location problems on networksDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Average connectivity of minimally 2-connected graphs and average edge-connectivity of minimally 2-edge-connected graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Locating a discrete subtree of minimum variance on trees: new strategies to tackle a very hard problemDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo20193-color Schur numbersDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Autotopism stabilized colouring games on rook's graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Distance and Eccentric sequences to bound the Wiener index, Hosoya polynomial and the average eccentricity in the strong products of graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Generating binary partial Hadamard matricesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Mixed integer linear programming for feature selection in support vector machineDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Numerical semigroups of Szemerédi typeDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2017Computing the coarseness with strips or boxesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2016Games on concept lattices: Shapley value and coreDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo20153D well-composed polyhedral complexesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2015Exact value of ex(n; {C-3, . . . , C-s}) for n <= [25(s-1)/8]DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2015Location of weighted anti-ordered median straight lines with Euclidean distancesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Editorial2015Special Issue: Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery PrefaceDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2014On the connectivity and restricted edge-connectivity of 3-arc graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2014Ordered weighted average combinatorial optimization: Formulations and their propertiesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2014Unreliable point facility location problems on networksDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013A specialized branch & bound & cut for Single-Allocation Ordered Median Hub Location problemsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013Locating a semi-obnoxious covering facility with repelling polygonal regionsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013On average connectivity of the strong product of graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013On the metric dimension, the upper dimension and the resolving number of graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013The ordered anti-median problem with distances derived from a strictly convex normDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012Cooperative location games based on the minimum diameter spanning Steiner subgraph problemDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012Girth of {C-3, ... , C-s}-free extremal graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012Minimizing the error of linear separators on linearly inseparable dataDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012Range minimization problems in path-facility location on treesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012Restricted arc-connectivity of generalized p-cyclesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2011Superconnectivity of graphs with odd girth g and even girth hDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2011The number of excellent discrete Morse functions on graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010Exact values of ex(v; {C-3, C-4, ... , C-n})DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010New families of graphs without short cycles and large sizeDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010The Banzhaf power index for ternary bicooperative gamesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010The core and the Weber set of games on augmenting systemsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2009A flexible model and efficient solution strategies for discrete location problemsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2009Chain homotopies for object topological representationsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2009Extensive facility location problems on networks with equity measuresDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2008Biprobabilistic values for bicooperative gamesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2008Center location problems on tree graphs with subtree-shaped customersDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2008Multi-group support vector machines with measurement costs: A biobjective approachDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2008On the cycling operation in braid groupsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2007A sufficient condition for P-k-path graphs being r-connectedDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2007Edge-connectivity and edge-superconnectivity in sequence graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2007The edge-connectivity and restricted edge-connectivity of a product of graphsDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2005On the cohomology of 3D digital imagesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2004Digital homotopy with obstaclesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2004The path-variance problem on tree networksDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2003Homotopy in digital spacesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2003Improved algorithms for several network location problems with equality measuresDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2002Single bend wiring on surfacesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2002The centdian subtree on tree networksDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo2000The Shapley value on convex geometriesDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS
Artículo1999Geometric tree graphs of points in convex positionDISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS