Publicaciones en la fuente FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Membrane creation in polarizationless P systems with active membranesFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Editorial2019Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC-TA 2017) PrefaceFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2019Handling Non-determinism in Spiking Neural P Systems: Algorithms and SimulationsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2017Computational Efficiency of Minimal Cooperation and Distribution in Polarizationless P Systems with Active MembranesFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2017Cooperation in Transport of Chemical Substances: A Complexity Approach within Membrane ComputingFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2016Tissue P Systems with Protein on CellsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2015A P-Lingua Based Simulator for P Systems with Symport/Antiport RulesFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2015An Optimal Frontier of the Efficiency of Tissue P Systems with Cell SeparationFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2015Extending Simulation of Asynchronous Spiking Neural P Systems in P-LinguaFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2015Simulating P Systems on GPU Devices: A SurveyFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2014Antimatter as a Frontier of Tractability in Membrane ComputingFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Editorial2014Enjoying to WorkFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2014Sevilla Carpets Revisited: Enriching the Membrane Computing ToolboxFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2013Bridging Membrane and Reaction Systems - Further Results and Research TopicsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2011A Tissue P Systems Based Uniform Solution to Tripartite Matching ProblemFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2011Looking for Small Efficient P SystemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2011Spiking Neural dP SystemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2008Editing configurations of P systemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2008On the Computational Efficiency of Polarizationless Recognizer P Systems with Strong Division and DissolutionFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2008Solving SUBSET SUM by Spiking Neural P Systems with Pre-computed ResourcesFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Editorial2008Special issue on membrane computing: Fifth brainstorming week on membrane computingFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2007On string languages generated by spiking neural P systemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2006On the branching complexity of P systemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2005Symport/antiport P systems with three objects are universalFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2002A formalization of transition P systemsFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE
Artículo2002Simulating Turing machines by P systems with external outputFUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE