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Artículo2019Quercus ilex Extract Ameliorates Acute TNBS-Induced Colitis in RatsPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo2014Sucrose Esters from Physalis peruviana Calyces with Anti-Inflammatory ActivityPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo2013A Hydroalcoholic Extract from the Leaves of Nerium oleander Inhibits Glycolysis and Induces Selective Killing of Lung Cancer CellsPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo2010Cytotoxic Effect of the Pentacyclic Oxindole Alkaloid Mitraphylline Isolated from Uncaria tomentosa Bark on Human Ewing's Sarcoma and Breast Cancer Cell LinesPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo2003Anti-tumour activity of Digitalis purpurea L. subsp. heywoodiiPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo1999Flavonoids of Retama sphaerocarpaPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo1999Inhibition of leukocyte eicosanoid generation and radical scavenging activity by gnaphalin, a lipophilic flavonol isolated from Helichrysum picardiiPLANTA MEDICA
Letter1995Effects of ixanthus-viscosus extracts on the central-nervous-systemPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo1995Gastroprotection induced by silymarin, the hepatoprotective principle of Silybum marianum in ischemia-reperfusion mucosal injury: Role of neutrophilsPLANTA MEDICA
Letter1993Analysis of the essential oil from helichrysum-picardiiPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo1993Gastroprotection and prostaglandin-e(2) generation in rats by flavonoids of dittrichia-viscosaPLANTA MEDICA
Artículo1992Effects of genistein, an isoflavone isolated from genista-tridentata, on isolated guinea-pig ileum and guinea-pig ileal myenteric plexusPLANTA MEDICA