Publicaciones en la fuente MOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2000Homologous recombination and allele replacement in transformants of Fusarium fujikuroiMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo2000RAD52-dependent and -independent homologous recombination initiated by Flp recombinase at a single FRT site flanked by direct repeatsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo2000Regulation of septation: a novel role for SerC/PdxF in Salmonella?MOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo2000Telomeric silencing of a natural subtelomeric geneMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1999A specific member of the Cab multigene family can be efficiently targeted and disrupted in the moss Physcomitrella patensMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1999Analysis of the replication region of the cryptic plasmid pHE1 from the moderate halophile Halomonas elongataMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1999Genetic interactions between Hsp90 and the Cdc2 mitotic machinery in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1999Molecular characterization of two light-induced, gamete-specific genes from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii that encode hydroxyproline-rich proteinsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1998Genetic stability and DNA rearrangements associated with a 2 x 1.1-kb perfect palindrome in Escherichia coliMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1998Symbiotic mutants deficient in nodule establishment identified after T-DNA transformation of Lotus japonicusMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1998The P22 Erf protein and host RecA provide alternative functions for transductional segregation of plasmid-borne duplicationsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1998The sfiX, rfe and metN genes of Salmonella typhimurium and their involvement in the His(C) pleiotropic responseMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1997Ammonium repression of the nitrite-nitrate (nasAB) assimilatory operon of Azotobacter vinelandii is enhanced in mutants expressing the nifO gene at high levelsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1997Cloning with Mud-P22 hybrid prophages: mapping of IS200 elements on the chromosome of Salmonella typhimurium LT2MOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1996recB recJ mutants of Salmonella typhimurium are deficient in transductional recombination, DNA repair and plasmid maintenanceMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1995Isolation of cryptic plasmids from moderately halophilic eubacteria of the genus halomonas - characterization of a small plasmid from h-elongata and its use for shuttle vector constructionMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1995Molecular characterization and heterologous expression of an endo-beta-1,6-glucanase gene from the mycoparasitic fungus trichoderma-harzianumMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1994A putative catabolite-repressed cell-wall protein from the mycoparasitic fungus trichoderma-harzianumMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1994Increase in incidence of chromosome instability and nonconservative recombination between repeats in saccharomyces-cerevisiae hpr1-delta strainsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1993The pleiotropic effects of his overexpression in salmonella-typhimurium do not involve aicar-induced mutagenesisMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1992The salmonella-typhimurium recj function permits growth of p22 abc phage on recbcd+ hostsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1990A chromosomal linkage map of Azotobacter-vinelandiiMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1990Isolation and molecular analysis of the orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase gene (pyrg) of phycomyces-blakesleeanusMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1989Absence of insertions among spontaneous mutants of salmonella-typhimuriumMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1989Transcriptional occlusion of transposon targetsMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Nota1988Localization of his genes on the rhizobium-trifolii rs800 linkage mapMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1988Mitotic gene conversion of large DNA heterologies in saccharomyces-cerevisiaeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1987Tn10 mutagenesis in azotobacter-vinelandiiMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1986Deletion of the phosphoglucose isomerase structural gene makes growth and sporulation glucose dependent in saccharomyces-cerevisiaeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1986Isolation and molecular analysis of the phosphoglucose isomerase structural gene of saccharomyces-cerevisiaeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1980Transposition of tn 1 to the rhizobium-meliloti genomeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS
Artículo1979Rough and fine linkage mapping of the rhizobium-meliloti chromosomeMOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS