Publicaciones en la fuente Grana

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2019Palynological and geographical characterisation of Spanish oak honeydew honeysGrana
Artículo2012Cladosporium airborne spore incidence in the environmental quality of the Iberian PeninsulaGrana
Artículo2005Study of plants visited by honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in the Central Rif Region (N. Morocco) using pollen analysisGrana
Artículo2004Palynological and geographical characterization of avocado honeys in SpainGrana
Artículo2004Variations in the weights of pollen loads collected by Apis mellifera L.Grana
Artículo2003Pollen analysis of honeys from the Mamora forest region (NW Morocco)Grana
Artículo2001Pollen analysis of honeys from the Gharb region (NW Morocco)Grana
Artículo2001Pollen collecting behaviour of Apis mellifera during one dayGrana
Artículo1999Relationship between air temperature and the start of pollen emission in some arboreal taxa in Southwestern SpainGrana
Artículo1998A study on non-arboreal pollen collected during ten consecutive years in the air of the SW Spain - Effect of drought period on pollen spectrumGrana
Artículo1998The pollen spectrum of trees and shrubs in SW Spain (1987-1996)Grana
Artículo1997A comparative study of atmospheric pollen concentrations collected with Burkard and Cour samplers, Seville (Spain), 1992-1994Grana
Artículo1996Inter- and intraspecific variation in pollen size in Asphodelus section Asphodelus (Asphodelaceae)Grana
Artículo1996Pollen morphology of Asphodelus L (Asphodelaceae): Taxonomic and phylogenetic inferences at the infrageneric levelGrana
Artículo1994Pollen contamination of honey by bees inside the hiveGrana
Artículo1993Palynological and cytological observations in Spanish sonchus (Asteraceae)Grana
Artículo1986Pollen morphology of Spanish Lithospermum S.L. (Boraginaceae) and its taxonomic significanceGrana