Publicaciones en la fuente PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2017Photosynthetic activity of cotyledons is critical during post-germinative growth and seedling establishmentPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2016The specific role of plastidial glycolysis in photosynthetic and heterotrophic cells under scrutiny through the study of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenasePLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2015Photoperiodic control of sugar release during the floral transition: What is the role of sugars in the florigenic signal?PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2015Tudor Staphylococcal Nuclease plays two antagonistic roles in RNA metabolism under stressPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2014Light-sensitive Phytochrome-Interacting Factors (PIFs) are not required to regulate phytoene synthase gene expression in the rootPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2013Identification of the phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase isoform EDA9 as the essential gene for embryo and male gametophyte development in ArabidopsisPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2013The essential role of the phosphorylated pathway of serine biosynthesis in ArabidopsisPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2012Chloroplast redox homeostasis is essential for lateral root formation in ArabidopsisPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2012Redox control of copper homeostasis in cyanobacteriaPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2010Low abundance does not mean less importance in cysteine metabolismPLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2010The requirement for protein O-mannosylation for Ustilago maydis virulence seems to be linked to intrinsic aspects of the infection process rather than an altered plant responsePLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2009A hydrogen peroxide detoxification system in the nucleus of wheat seed cells: Protection or signaling role?PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2009Evolutionarily conserved photoperiod mechanisms in plants: When did plant photoperiodic signaling appear?PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR
Artículo2008Is boron involved solely in structural roles in vascular plants?PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR