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Artículo2023Development of Digital Teaching Competence: Pilot Experience and Validation through Expert JudgmentEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2023Educational robotics to address behavioral problems in early childhoodEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Assessment of actual workload and student performance in the agricultural engineering final degree project in a Spanish higher education contextEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Factors associated with school effectiveness: detection of high- and low-efficiency schools through hierarchical linear modelsEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022GESUS, an interactive computer application for teaching and learning the space groups of symmetryEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Internationalization Based on Content Modification Combined with Project Management Methodology: An Application in a Spanish Postgraduate Course in Building EngineeringEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Linking character strengths and key competencies in education and the arts: a systematic reviewEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Socio-Emotional Competence and Self-Efficacy of Future Secondary School TeachersEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Sustainability in digital education: a systematic review of innovative proposalsEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Teacher uneasiness and workplace learning in social sciences: towards a critical inquiry from teachers' voicesEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022The Flipped Classroom and the Development of Competences: A Teaching Innovation Experience in Higher EducationEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2022Validation of the DigCompEdu check-in questionnaire through structural equations: a study at a university in PeruEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021Career exploration as social and emotional learning: a collaborative ethnography with Spanish children from low-income contextsEDUCATION SCIENCES
Corrección2021Correction to: Developing multimodal narrative genres in childhood: An analysis of pupils’ written texts based on systemic functional linguistics (Theory. Educ. Sci. 2020, 10, 342)EDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021Digital teaching competence in higher education: a systematic reviewEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021GIS in architectural teaching and research: planning and heritageEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021Perceptions of university students towards digital transformation during the pandemicEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021Teaching innovation in the development of professional practices: use of the collaborative blogEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021The practice of religious tourism among generation Z’s higher education studentsEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021The role of the social sciences when choosing university studies: motivations in life storiesEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2020Developing multimodal narrative genres in childhood: An analysis of pupils’ written texts based on systemic functional linguistics theoryEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2020Understanding assessment processes for communicative competence through an analysis of teachers’ reported practiceEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2019Nonscientific university students training in general science using an active-learning merged pedagogy: Gamification in a flipped classroomEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2019The Reflective Practicum in the Process of Becoming a Teacher: The Tutor's Discursive SupportEDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2018Does Student Proactivity Guarantee Positive Academic Results?EDUCATION SCIENCES