Publicaciones en la fuente BIOMACROMOLECULES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Click synthesis of size- and shape-tunable star polymers with functional macrocyclic cores for synergistic DNA complexation and deliveryBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2020Hydrophobization of Cellulose Nanocrystals for Aqueous Colloidal Suspensions and GelsBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2017Manganese-Based Nanogels as pH Switches for Magnetic Resonance ImagingBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2017Production of High Performance Bioinspired Silk Fibers by Straining Flow SpinningBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2014Surface-Modified P(HEMA-co-MAA) Nanogel Carriers for Oral Vaccine Delivery: Design, Characterization, and In Vitro Targeting EvaluationBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2011Carbohydrate-Based Polyesters Made from Bicyclic Acetalized Galactaric AcidBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2010Glutathione-Mediated Biodegradable Polyurethanes Derived from L-ArabinitolBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2008Structure of the O-antigen of the main lipopolysaccharide isolated from Sinorhizobium fredii SMH12BIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2006Self-assembly of monoglycerides in beta-lactoglobulin adsorbed films at the air-water interface. Structural, topographical, and rheological consequencesBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2006The effect of monoglycerides on structural and topographical characteristics of adsorbed beta-casein films at the air-water interfaceBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2006Thermodynamic and dynamic characteristics of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose adsorbed films at the air-water interfaceBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2005Chain-chain interactions for methyl polygalacturonate: Models for high methyl-esterified pectin junction zonesBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2005Structural analysis of the capsular polysaccharide from Sinorhizobium fredii HWG35BIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2005Structural characteristics of hydrolysates of proteins from extracted sunflower flour at the air-water interfaceBIOMACROMOLECULES
Artículo2004Shear characteristics, miscibility, and topography of sodium caseinate-monoglyceride mixed films at the air-water interfaceBIOMACROMOLECULES