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Artículo2022Effect of different digestates derived from anaerobic co-digestion of Olive Mill Solid Waste (OMSW) and various microalgae as fertilizers for the cultivation of ryegrassPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2022Spatial and seasonal patterns of water use in Mediterranean coastal dune vegetationPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2021Effects of soil abiotic factors and plant chemical defences on seed predation on sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum)PLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2021Salinity and inundation effects on Iris pseudacorus: implications for tidal wetland invasion with sea level risePLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2021The adsorbent capacity of growing media does not constrain myo-inositol hexakiphosphate hydrolysis but its use as a phosphorus source by plantsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2020Plant species and season influence soil physicochemical properties and microbial function in a semi-arid woodland ecosystemPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2020Variation in morphological and chemical traits of Mediterranean tree roots: linkage with leaf traits and soil conditionsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2019Assessing the influence of soil abiotic and biotic factors on Nostoc commune inoculation successPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2019GunA of Sinorhizobium (Ensifer) fredii HH103 is a T3SS-secreted cellulase that differentially affects symbiosis with cowpea and soybeanPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2019The non-flavonoid inducible nodA3 and the flavonoid regulated nodA1 genes of Rhizobium tropici CIAT 899 guarantee nod factor production and nodulation of different host legumesPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2018Effects of indigenous soil cyanobacteria on seed germination and seedling growth of arid species used in restorationPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2017The Sinorhizobium (Ensifer) fredii HH103 rkp-2 region is involved in the biosynthesis of lipopolysaccharide and exopolysaccharide but not in K-antigen polysaccharide productionPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2015Deciphering the role of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in the tolerance of the invasive cordgrass Spartina densiflora to physicochemical properties of salt-marsh soilsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2015Effects of soil physicochemical properties on plant performance of Glaucium flavum CrantzPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2015Evaluating tolerance to calcareous soils in Vitis vinifera ssp sylvestrisPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2015Species-specific effects of the invasive Hieracium pilosella in Magellanic steppe grasslands are driven by nitrogen cycle changesPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2014Plant species influence on soil microbial short-term response after fire simulationPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2014Soil nutrients and microbial biomass in three contrasting Mediterranean forestsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2013A regulated deficit irrigation strategy for hedgerow olive orchards with high plant densityPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2013Burkholderia phymatum improves salt tolerance of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus vulgarisPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2013Growth and survival of cork oak (Quercus suber) seedlings after simulated partial cotyledon consumption under different soil nutrient contentsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2013Influence of grazing on the decomposition of Pinus pinea L. needles in a silvopastoral system in Doana, SpainPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2013Shoot hydraulic characteristics, plant water status and stomatal response in olive trees under different soil water conditionsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2012Interspecific competition and livestock disturbance control the spatial patterns of two coastal dune shrubsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2012Relationships between leaf morphological traits, nutrient concentrations and isotopic signatures for Mediterranean woody plant species and communitiesPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2011Effect of Trichoderma asperellum strain T34 on iron, copper, manganese, and zinc uptake by wheat grown on a calcareous mediumPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2010Effect of the presence of the plant growth promoting rhizobacterium (PGPR) Chryseobacterium balustinum Aur9 and salt stress in the pattern of flavonoids exuded by soybean rootsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2010Seasonal physiological responses of Argania spinosa tree from Mediterranean to semi-arid climatePLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2010Uptake, localisation and physiological changes in response to copper excess in Erica andevalensisPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2009Iron deficiency symptoms in grapevine as affected by the iron oxide and carbonate contents of model substratesPLANT AND SOIL
Revisión2009Plant root growth, architecture and functionPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2009Plant-soil interactions in a fertigated 'Manzanilla de Sevilla' olive orchardPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2008Effect of sanitized and non-sanitized sewage sludge on soil microbial community and the physiology of pepper plantsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2006Screening for PGPR to improve growth of Cistus ladanifer seedlings for reforestation of degraded mediterranean ecosystemsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2006Water relations and gas exchange in olive trees under regulated deficit irrigation and partial rootzone dryingPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2005To live or to survive in Donana dunes: Adaptive responses of woody species under a Mediterranean climatePLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2003A Kruppel-like transcription factor gene is involved in salt stress responses in Medicago spp.PLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2003MsPG3 polygalacturonase promoter elements necessary for expression during Sinorhizobium meliloti-Medicago truncatula interactionPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2002Growth response of Halimium halimifolium at four sites with different soil water availability regimes in two contrasted hydrological cyclesPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2002Phosphorus fertilizer recovery from calcareous soils amended with humic and fulvic acidsPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2001Comparison of proline accumulation in two mediterranean shrubs subjected to natural and experimental water deficitPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo2000Glutamate synthase from chlamydomonas reinhardtii: interaction studies with its substrate ferredoxin and molecular cloningPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo1998Belowground structure and production in a Mediterranean sand dune shrub communityPLANT AND SOIL
Artículo1996Presence of unique repeated insertion sequences in nodulation genes of Rhizobium 'hedysari'PLANT AND SOIL