Publicaciones en la fuente COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2019A computational model for fiber-reinforced composites: hyperelastic constitutive formulation including residual stresses and damageCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Corrección2019Correction to: A 3D time domain numerical model based on half-space Green’s function for soil–structure interaction analysis (Computational Mechanics, (2014), 53, 5, (1073-1085), 10.1007/s00466-013-0949-1)COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2019Crack-face frictional contact modelling in cracked piezoelectric materialsCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2017Phase field modeling of brittle fracture for enhanced assumed strain shells at large deformations: formulation and finite element implementationCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo20153D BEM for orthotropic frictional contact of piezoelectric bodiesCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2015A constitutive-based element-by-element crack propagation algorithm with local mesh refinementCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2014A 3D time domain numerical model based on half-space Green's function for soil-structure interaction analysisCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2014A consistent interface element formulation for geometrical and material nonlinearitiesCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2013BEM solution of delamination problems using an interface damage and plasticity modelCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Ponencia2013Cohesive-zone-model formulation and implementation using the symmetric Galerkin boundary element method for homogeneous solidsCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2012Analysis of anisotropic Kirchhoff plates using a novel hypersingular BEMCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2012New anisotropic crack-tip enrichment functions for the extended finite element methodCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2008On solvability of a boundary integral equation of the first kind for Dirichlet boundary value problems in plane elasticityCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2007Time-domain bem analysis of cracked piezoelectric solids under impact loadingCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2003Evaluation of in-boundary stress in 2D BEM for isotropic elasticity. A comparative studyCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo2000A critical study of hypersingular and strongly singular boundary integral representations of potential gradientCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo1998Integral kernels in the 2D Somigliana displacement and stress identities for anisotropic materialsCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS
Artículo1996The boundary element method based on the three-dimensional elastostatic fundamental solution for the orthotropic multilayered space: application to composite materialsCOMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS