Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Effect of amine length in the interference of the multipoint covalent immobilization of enzymes on glyoxyl agarose beadsJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2017A proteomic analysis of extracellular secretion profile of Bacillus licheniformis using sewage sludge as the sole fermentation mediaJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2017Enzymatic digestion by bacillus: A new biological pre-treatment to improve sewage sludge methanizationJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2017Okara valorization process by fermentation with Bacillus licheniformis: Obtention of hydrolytic enzymes, bioactive compounds, and protein hydrolysatesJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2017Stable symbiotic nitrogen fixation under water-deficit field conditions by a stress-tolerant alfalfa microsymbiont and its complete genome sequenceJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Revisión2016Bacterial enzymes involved in lignin degradationJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Continuous culture methodology for the screening of microalgae for oilJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2014Assessment of the CO2 fixation capacity of Anabaena sp ATCC 33047 outdoor cultures in vertical flat-panel reactorsJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013Construction and characterization of nitrate and nitrite respiring Pseudomonas putida KT2440 strains for anoxic biotechnical applicationsJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012Engineered Salmonella allows real-time heterologous gene expression monitoring within infected zebrafish embryosJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012Physiological tolerance and stoichiometric potential of cyanobacteria for hydrocarbon fuel productionJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2011Assessment of carotenoid production by Dunaliella salina in different culture systems and operation regimesJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2011Symbiotic properties and first analyses of the genomic sequence of the fast growing model strain Sinorhizobium fredii HH103 nodulating soybeanJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2010Comparative study of the performance and microbial communities of the one- and two-stage anaerobic digestion processes treating the solid residue from a two-phase olive millJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2007Metabolic engineering of ketocarotenoids biosynthesis in the unicelullar microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2006Performance and microbial communities of a continuous stirred tank anaerobic reactor treating two-phases olive mill solid wastes at low organic loading ratesJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2005Exploring the biocatalytic potential of the novel thermostable Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase: Phenylacetone monooxygenaseJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2005Production of Dunaliella salina biomass rich in 9-cis-beta-carotene and lutein in a closed tubular photobioreactorJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2001Effect of pH and soybean cultivars on the quantitative analyses of soybean rhizobia populationsJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2001Lutein production by Muriellopsis sp in an outdoor tubular photobioreactorJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2000Carotenoid content of chlorophycean microalgae: factors determining lutein accumulation in Muriellopsis sp (Chlorophyta)JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo1995Glycerol photoproduction by free and ca-alginate entrapped cells of chamydomonas-reinhardtiiJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo1991Enhancement of phycobiliprotein production in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteriaJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo1989Biological viability of chlamydomonas-reinhardtii cells entrapped in alginate beads for ammonium photoproductionJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY