Publicaciones en la fuente KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022Echo spiking neural P systemsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2022The soft-margin Support Vector Machine with ordered weighted averageKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2021Hybrid agent-based methodology for testing response protocolsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2020A deep-learning approach to mining conditionsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2020MCFS: Min-cut-based feature-selectionKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2020On extracting data from tables that are encoded using HTMLKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2020Spiking neural P systems with inhibitory rulesKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2019A goal-driven software product line approach for evolving multi-agent systems in the Internet of ThingsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2019Dynamic threshold neural P systemsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2019TAPON: A two-phase machine learning approach for semantic labellingKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2018MRQAR: A generic MapReduce framework to discover quantitative association rules in big data problemsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2017Multiobjective fuzzy clustering approach based on tissue-like membrane systemsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Editorial2017Volume, variety and velocity in Data ScienceKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2016A sensitivity study of seismicity indicators in supervised learning to improve earthquake predictionKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2016ARIEX: Automated ranking of information extractorsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2016Mapping RDF knowledge bases using exchange samplesKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2015A fuzzy expected value approach under generalized data envelopment analysisKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2015A model for colour naming and comparing based on conceptual neighbourhood. An application for comparing art compositionsKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2015Cross-domain polarity classification using a knowledge-enhanced meta-classifierKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2014CALA: An unsupervised URL-based web page classification systemKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2014Improving knowledge-based systems with statistical techniques, text mining, and neural networks for non-technical loss detectionKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2013Determining the best set of seismicity indicators to predict earthquakes. Two case studies: Chile and the Iberian PeninsulaKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2013Integrating semantic Web services ranking mechanisms using a common preference modelKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS
Artículo2013TEX: An efficient and effective unsupervised Web information extractorKNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS