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Artículo2021A modified progressive supranuclear palsy rating scaleMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2021Peripheral immune profile and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2020Association of PICALM with Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2020Role of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor in the maintenance of adult mesencephalic catecholaminergic neuronsMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2019The endocytic membrane trafficking pathway plays a major role in the risk of Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2019The Genetic Architecture of Parkinson Disease in Spain: Characterizing Population-Specific Risk, Differential Haplotype Structures, and Providing Etiologic InsightMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Editorial2018Automatic and voluntary motor inhibition: Intact processes for tic suppression?MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2018Clinical differences between Parkinson's disease motor phenotypes. Results from the COPPADIS Study CohortMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2018Dissociate effect of dopaminergic therapy in reward expectation and prediction error in PD patients with comorbid impulse control disorderMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2018Factors affecting quality of life in patients with Parkinson's disease: Motor vs non-motor symptoms. Results from the COPPADIS Study CohortMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2018Meta-Analysis of Short-afferent inhibition and Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2018Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's Disease: Frequency, types and correlated factors compared to a group of healthy controls. Results from the COPPADIS Study CohortMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2017Genetic susceptibility associated to impulse control disorders and compulsive behaviors in Parkinson's disease from a Spanish populationMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2017Increased bilirubin levels in Parkinson's disease from southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2017N370S-GBA1 Mutation Causes Lysosomal Cholesterol Accumulation in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2017Polyneuropathy in patients with Parkinson's disease from southern Spain treatment with levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel infusionMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2017Serum lipid profile in Parkinson's disease patients from southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2016Altered cerebello-thalamo-cortical pathway in Huntington's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2016Dominant-negative mutation p.Arg324Thr in KCNA1 impairs Kv1.1 channel function in episodic ataxiaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2016Genetic factors influencing frontostriatal dysfunction and the development of dementia in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2016Low serum uric acid levels in progressive supranuclear palsyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2016Lower levels of uric acid and striatal dopamine in non-tremor dominant Parkinson's disease subtypeMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2016Mutational analysis of GNAL gene in isolated dystonia patients from SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2015Aberrant Cortical Associative Plasticity Associated With Severe Adult Tourette SyndromeMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015Abnormal cerebellar plasticity in primary cervical dystonia: A preliminary reportMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015COPPADIS-2015 (COhort of Patients with PArkinsons DIsease in Spain, 2015): A global Parkinsons disease project underwayMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015Cortical excitability and sensorimotor integration correlates with cognitive profile in vascular ParkinsonismMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015E-DUO Study: Use of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel in Spanish advanced Parkinson's disease patients. Discontinuation factors subgroup analysesMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015GBA variations accelerate degeneration of the nigrostriatal pathway in Parkinson's disease: An [123I]FP-CIT studyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2015GDNF gene is associated with tourette syndrome in a family studyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015Impulse control disorders and compulsive behaviors in Parkinson's disease and control subjectsMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015Low serum uric acid levels in progressive supranuclear palsyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015Systematic mutational analysis of glucocerebrosidase gene in a Parkinson's disease population from Southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2015The long-term outcome of orthostatic tremorMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2014Altered sensorimotor plasticity and intracortical neurophysiological profile in Tourette syndromeMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Resumen congreso2014BDNF Val66Met polymorphism in primary adult-onset dystonia: A case-control study and meta-analysisMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2014BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism in Primary Adult-Onset Dystonia: A Case-Control Study and Meta-analysisMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2014Clinical features and neuropsychological profile in vascular ParkinsonismMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2014Clinical features of advanced Parkinson's disease. Results from Spanish consensus group of advanced Parkinson's disease (CEPA project)MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2014Genome-Wide Association Study in Musician's Dystonia: A Risk Variant at the Arylsulfatase G Locus?MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2014Lack of Validation of Variants Associated With Cervical Dystonia Risk: A GWAS Replication StudyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2013Genetic Variability Related to Serum Uric Acid Concentration and Risk of Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Letter2013Novel Lrrk2-p.S1761R mutation is not a common cause of Parkinson's disease in SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2013Parieto-motor functional connectivity in primary adult-onset cervical dystoniaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2013Prevalence of c.801-2A > G mutation in the DNAJC6 gene in Parkinson's disease from southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2013Systematic mutational analysis of FBXO7 in a Parkinson's disease population from southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2013The adult form of Niemann-Pick type C with the biochemical variant mutation on treatment with miglustatMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2012Clinical features and 123I-FP-CIT SPECT imaging in vascular parkinsonism and Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2012Common Variation in the LRRK2 Gene is a Risk Factor for Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2012Diagnostic agreement in patients with psychogenic movement disordersMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2012Duodenal levodopa infusion in patients with advanced Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Letter2012DYT-1 gene dystonic tremor presenting as a "scan without evidence of dopaminergic deficit"MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Letter2012Lack of sequence variations in THAP1 gene and THAP1-binding sites in TOR1A promoter of DYT1 patientsMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2012Motor cortex plasticity and eye blink conditioning are normal in secondary dystoniaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2011Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene (BDNF) Val66Met polymorphism in primary dystoniaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2011Cerebellar theta burst stimulation in primary dystoniaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2011Diagnostic agreement in patients with psychogenic movement disordersMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2011Low levels of uric acid in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2011PSMC1 gene in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2011Sensory Perception Changes Induced by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation over the Primary Somatosensory Cortex in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2011The Impact of Non-Motor Symptoms on Health-Related Quality of Life of Patients with Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2010Altered parieto-motor functional connectivity in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2010Cerebellar inhibition by transcranial magnetic stimulation in primary dystoniaMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2010Cerebellar theta burst stimulation in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2010Distinguishing SWEDDs Patients with Asymmetric Resting Tremor from Parkinson's Disease: A Clinical and Electrophysiological StudyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2010Motor Laterality Asymmetry and Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2009Abnormal cerebellar inhibition by transcranial magnetic stimulation in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2009Convergent validity of the non-motor symptoms scale (NMSS) in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2009International validation of the non-motor symptoms scale: Comparison with the pilot studyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2009Psychometric Attributes of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2009Rasch Analysis of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in Parkinson's DiseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2009The Clinical Impression of Severity Index for Parkinson's Disease: International Validation StudyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Adult onset dystonia can cause tremulous pseudoparkinsoniasm and is one cause of SWEDDs: Clinical description of 30 casesMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Brain-derived neurotrophic factor G196A polymorphism and clinical features in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2008Burden, perceived health status, and mood among caregivers of Parkinson's disease patientsMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Certain tremor parameters can differentiate PD tremor from pseudoparkinsonian tremor in patients with normal DAT scans (SWEDDs)MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Clinical features and I-123-FP-CIT SPECT imaging in the differentiation between drug-induced parkinsonism and Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2008Efficacy of long-term continuous subcutaneous apomorphine infusion in advanced Parkinson's disease with motor fluctuations: A multicenter studyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Revisión2008Functional organization of the basal ganglia: Therapeutic implications for Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Plasticity of sensorimotor circuits in patients with SWEDDs resembles the pattern seen in dystonia and differs from Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2008The natural history of Unverricht-Lundborg disease: A report of eight genetically proven casesMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2008Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the primary somatosensory cortex reveals abnormalities in perception of peripheral stimuli in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2007Behavioral abnormalities in DRDMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2007Evolution of patients with Parkinson's disease chronically treated with continuous subcutaneous apomorphine infusion. A multicenter studyMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2007Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the peripheral blood of patients with Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2007LRRK2 mutations in patients with Parkinson's disease in southern SpainMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2007Patients with adult-onset dystonic tremor resembling parkinsonian tremor have scans without evidence of Dopaminergic deficit (SWEDDs)MOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2006Abnormalities in motor cortical plasticity differentiate manifesting and nonmanifesting DYT1 carriersMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2006Adult onset dystonic tremor with similarities to Parkinsonian tremor may be one cause of SWEDDSMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2006Alteration of central motor excitability in a patient with hemimasticatory spasm after treatment with botulinum toxin injectionsMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2006Atypical movement disorders in antiphospholipid syndromeMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Artículo2005Adult-onset generalized dystonia due to a mutation in the neuroferritinopathy geneMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2005Dopamine transporter imaging with I-123-FP-CIT SPECT in the differential diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer's disease, and other parkinsonismMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2005Motor system inhibition in dopa-responsive dystonia and its modulation by levodopa treatmentMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2005Motor system inhibition in dopa-responsive dystonia and its modulation by treatmentMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2005The usefulness of SPECT DAT scans in differentiating dystonic rest tremor from Parkinson's disease: Some illustrative casesMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2004Clinical heterogeneity in vascular parkinsonismMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Resumen congreso2004Clinical heterogeneity of movement disorders associated with antiphospholipid syndromeMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2004Differential motor system plasticity in manifesting and non manifesting DYT1 gene carriersMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2004Psychogenic parkinsonism: Clinical features of a large case seriesMOVEMENT DISORDERS
Ponencia2004Subthreshold 5 Hz rTMS over the premotor cortex in Parkinson's diseaseMOVEMENT DISORDERS