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Artículo2019PFG-NMR as a Tool for Determining Self-Diffusivities of Various Probe Molecules through H-ZSM-5 ZeolitesCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2019Understanding the Photocatalytic Properties of Pt/CeOx/TiO2: Structural Effects on Electronic and Optical PropertiesCHEMPHYSCHEM
Revisión2018Exploring Factors for the Design of Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery VectorsCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2018Fingerprinting the Nature of Anions in Pyrylium Complexes: Dual Binding Mode for Anion-pi InteractionsCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2018Structural Reversibility of LaCo1-xCuxO3 Followed by In Situ X-ray Diffraction and Absorption SpectroscopyCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2018The Stabilization of Glycosyl Cations Through Cooperative Noncovalent Interactions: A Theoretical PerspectiveCHEMPHYSCHEM
Revisión2017Covalent and Non-Covalent DNA-Gold-Nanoparticle Interactions: New Avenues of ResearchCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2017The Role of Surfactants in the Stability of NiO Nanofluids: An Experimental and DFT StudyCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2016Study of the Chemical Space of Selected Bacteriostatic Sulfonamides from an Information Theory Point of ViewCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2015A study of overheating of thermostatically controlled TiO2 thin films by using raman spectroscopyCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2015Predominant Information Quality Scheme for the Essential Amino Acids: An Information-Theoretical AnalysisCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2014Electronic and structural properties of highly aluminum ion doped TiO2 nanoparticles: a combined experimental and theoretical studyCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2014Perovskite solar cells based on nanocolumnar plasmadeposited ZnO thin filmsCHEMPHYSCHEM
Revisión2013Recent Methodological Advances in the Analysis of Protein Tyrosine NitrationCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2013Surface Properties of Anatase TiO2 Nanowire Films Grown from a Fluoride-Containing SolutionCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2010Structure of Glancing Incidence Deposited TiO2 Thin Films as Revealed by Grazing Incidence Small-Angle X-ray ScatteringCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2009Characterizing Pt-Derived Anticancer Drugs from First Principles: The Case of Oxaliplatin in Aqueous SolutionCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2008Aqueous Pd-II and Pt-II: Anionic hydration revealed by Car-Parrinello simulationsCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2008Oxygen microscopy by two-photon-excited phosphorescenceCHEMPHYSCHEM
Artículo2001Photophysical properties of the ground and triplet state of four multiphenylated [70]fullerene compoundsCHEMPHYSCHEM