Publicaciones en la fuente SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Assessment of different LED lighting systems for indoor living wallsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2020Exploring UAV-imagery to support genotype selection in olive breeding programsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2019Assessment of perlite, expanded clay and pumice as substrates for living wallsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2019Comparative study of the volatile organic compounds of four strawberry cultivars and it relation to alcohol acyltransferase enzymatic activitySCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2019Evaluation of growers’ efforts to improve the sustainability of olive orchards: development of the hydroSOStainable indexSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2019Reducing incidence of peel physiopathies and increasing antioxidant activity in pomegranate fruit under different irrigation conditions by preharvest application of chitosanSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2019Volatile composition and sensory and quality attributes of quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) fruits as affected by water stressSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Revisión2018Quality of olives: A focus on agricultural preharvest factorsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2017Assessment of quantitative parameters for evaluating impact bruising structural damage in olive fruit tissueSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2017New foci of strawberry Fusarium wilt in Huelva (Spain) and susceptibility of the most commonly used cultivarsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2017Water stress at the end of the pomegranate fruit ripening stage produces earlier harvest and improves fruit qualitySCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2016Effect of early leaf removal on Vitis Vinifera L. cv. Tempranillo seeds during ripening based on chemical and image analysisSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2015Fe deficiency induction in Poncirus trifoliata rootstock growing in nutrient solution changes its performance after transplant to soilSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2013Effect of different soilless growing systems on the biological properties of growth media in strawberrySCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2013Regulated deficit irrigation based on threshold values of trunk diameter fluctuation indicators in table olive treesSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2012Use of grape marc compost as substrate for vegetable seedlingsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2011Variability of first flower to ground distance in olive seedlings and its relationship with the length of the juvenile period and the parent genotypeSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2011Water relations of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) as affected by phenological stages and water regimesSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2010Dissemination of Phytophthora cactorum, cause of crown rot in strawberry, in open and closed soilless growing systems and the potential for control using slow sand filtrationSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2010Rootstock influences the response of pistachio (Pistacia vera L. cv. Kerman) to water stress and rehydrationSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2010Testing the ability of vivianite to prevent iron deficiency in pot-grown grapevineSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2009Evaluation and correction of nutrient availability to Gerbera jamesonii H. Bolus in various compost-based growing mediaSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2009Scoring increases carbohydrate availability and berry size in seedless grape 'Emperatriz'SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2009Susceptibility of several Japanese plum cultivars to pests and diseases in a newly established organic orchardSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2008New approach for using trunk growth rate and endocarp development in the irrigation scheduling of young olive orchardsSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo2008Olive fruit pulp and pit growth under differing nutrient supplySCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Artículo1996Behaviour of different horticultural species in phytotoxicity bioassays of bark substratesSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE