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Artículo2022Adaptive random quantum eigensolverPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Anharmonicity-induced excited-state quantum phase transition in the symmetric phase of the two-dimensional limit of the vibron modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Bosonic indistinguishability-dependent contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Electrically switchable Casimir forces using transparent conductive oxidesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Engineering Casimir interactions with epsilon-near-zero materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Simulating key properties of lithium-ion batteries with a fault-tolerant quantum computerPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2021Device-independent quantum key distribution based on Bell inequalities with more than two inputs and two outputsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Bell nonlocality with intensity information onlyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Digital-analog quantum computationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Linear polar molecule in a two-color cw laser field: A symmetry analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Optical interference effects on the Casimir-Lifshitz force in multilayer structuresPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Probabilistic eigensolver with a trapped-ion quantum processorPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Quantum algorithm for solving linear differential equations: Theory and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Selective interactions in the quantum Rabi modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Atomic transitions and the first ionization potential of promethium determined by laser spectroscopyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Experimental observation of quantum contextuality beyond Bell nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Experimental test of maximal tripartite nonlocality using an entangled state and local measurements that are maximally incompatiblePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Necessary and sufficient condition for contextuality from incompatibilityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Quantum correlations from simple assumptionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Automated quantum operations in photonic qutritsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Cooling of many-body systems via selective interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Device-independent certification of two bits of randomness from one entangled bit and Gisin's elegant Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018High-resolution tungsten spectroscopy relevant to the diagnostic of high-temperature tokamak plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Measurement-based adaptation protocol with quantum reinforcement learningPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Minimal true-implies-false and true-implies-true sets of propositions in noncontextual hidden-variable theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Nonlinear quantum Rabi model in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018One-way quantum computing in superconducting circuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Probing the limits of correlations in an indivisible quantum systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Quantum predictions for an unmeasured system cannot be simulated with a finite-memory classical systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Spin-1 models in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of circuit QEDPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Proposed experiment to test fundamentally binary theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Quantum correlations with a gap between the sequential and spatial casesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Robust state preparation in quantum simulations of Dirac dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Self-testing properties of Gisin's elegant Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Simulating superluminal physics with superconducting circuit technologyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2017Simulating superluminal physics with superconducting circuit technology (vol 96, 032121, 2017)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Switchable particle statistics with an embedding quantum simulatorPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Universal scaling relations for the energies of many-electron Hooke atomsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Experimental demonstration of the connection between quantum contextuality and graph theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Maximum nonlocality in the (3,2,2) scenarioPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Optimal control with nonadiabatic molecular dynamics: application to the Coulomb explosion of sodium clustersPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Quantum nonlocality via local contextuality with qubit-qubit entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Simple method for experimentally testing any form of quantum contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016SO(2)- induced breathing patterns in multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensatesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Heisenberg-like and Fisher-information-based uncertainty relations for N-electron d-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Quantum theory allows for absolute maximal contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Spectral collapse via two-phonon interactions in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Tachyon physics with trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Testing noncontextuality inequalities that are building blocks of quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Time and spatial parity operations with trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Bell scenarios in which nonlocality and entanglement are inversely relatedPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Bounding the quantum dimension with contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Critical quasienergy states in driven many-body systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Exclusivity principle and the quantum bound of the Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Exclusivity principle forbids sets of correlations larger than the quantum setPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Experimental implementation of an eight-dimensional Kochen-Specker set and observation of its connection with the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theoremPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Kochen-Specker set with seven contextsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Optimal control of high-harmonic generation by intense few-cycle pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Quantum contextuality in a Young-type interference experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Relativistic global and local divergences in hydrogenic systems: A study in position and momentum spacesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Scaling in the correlation energies of atomic ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013All noncontextuality inequalities for the n-cycle scenarioPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Basic exclusivity graphs in quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Bell inequalities for the simplest exclusivity graphPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Bell tests with random measurements require very high detection efficienciesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Detection efficiency for loophole-free Bell tests with entangled states affected by colored noisePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Deterministic generation of arbitrary symmetric states and entanglement classesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Hardy's paradox for high-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013PT-symmetric dimer of coupled nonlinear oscillatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Quantum contextuality for a relativistic spin-1/2 particlePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Spin-orbit thermal entanglement in a rare-earth-metal ion: Susceptibility witnessPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013State-independent contextuality with identical particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Twin inequality for fully contextual quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Aharon-Vaidman quantum game with a Young-type photonic qutritPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2012Bell's theorem with and without inequalities for the three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W states (vol 65, 032108, 2002)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Encoding relativistic potential dynamics into free evolutionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Fully nonlocal quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012N-electron Slater determinants from nonunitary canonical transformations of fermion operatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Proposed experiments of qutrit state-independent contextuality and two-qutrit contextuality-based nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Quantifying Dirac hydrogenic effects via complexity measuresPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Tests of Bell inequality with arbitrarily low photodetection efficiency and homodyne measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Bell experiments with random destination sourcesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Dark-bright gap solitons in coupled-mode one-dimensional saturable waveguide arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Finite-size corrections in the bosonic algebraic approach to two-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Hybrid ququart-encoded quantum cryptography protected by Kochen-Specker contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Optimal preparation of graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Quantum quench influenced by an excited-state phase transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Testing Hardy's nonlocality proof with genuine energy-time entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010All-versus-nothing proofs with n qubits distributed between m partiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Bell inequality tests of four-photon six-qubit graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Compatibility and noncontextuality for sequential measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Entanglement equivalence of N-qubit symmetric statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Experimental Bell-inequality violation without the postselection loopholePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Multiparty multilevel energy-time entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Proposed test of macroscopic quantum contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010State-independent quantum contextuality for continuous variablesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Towards electron-electron entanglement in Penning trapsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Compact set of invariants characterizing graph states of up to eight qubitsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Constrained optimization of sequentially generated entangled multiqubit statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Decoherence due to an excited-state quantum phase transition in a two-level boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Divergence analysis of atomic ionization processes and isoelectronic seriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Minimum detection efficiency required for a loophole-free violation of the Braunstein-Caves chained Bell inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Solitons in quasi-one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates with competing dipolar and local interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Decoherence as a signature of an excited-state quantum phase transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Generalized Ardehali-Bell inequalities for graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Mermin inequalities for perfect correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Unified homogenization theory for magnetoinductive and electromagnetic waves in split-ring metamaterialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Experimental quantum "Guess my Number" protocol using multiphoton entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Inductive entanglement classification of four qubits under stochastic local operations and classical communicationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Nuclear polarizability of helium isotopes in atomic transitionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Six-qubit permutation-based decoherence-free orthogonal basisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Dynamics of momentum entanglement in lowest-order QEDPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Experimental noise-resistant Bell-inequality violations for polarization-entangled photonsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Generation of bipartite spin entanglement via spin-independent scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Inductive classification of multipartite entanglement under stochastic local operations and classical communicationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Proposal for a modified Moller-Plesset perturbation theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Spin entanglement loss by local correlation transfer to the momentumPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Two-player quantum pseudotelepathy based on recent all-versus-nothing violations of local realismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Bell's inequalities with realistic noise for polarization-entangled photons - art. no. 0521112PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005How much larger quantum correlations are than classical onesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Loophole-free Bell's experiments and two-photon all-versus-nothing violations of local realismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Proposed experiment for the quantum "Guess My Number" protocolPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Quantum mechanical description of Stern-Gerlach experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Continuum discretization using orthogonal polynomialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2003Erratum: Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound (Phys. Rev. A (2002) 66 (042114))PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like proof of Bell's theorem involving observers who do not share a reference framePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like proof of Bell's theorem involving observers who do not share a reference framePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Rotationally invariant proof of Bell's theorem without inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Solving the liar detection problem using the four-qubit singlet statePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2003Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound (vol A 66, art no 042114, 2002)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Bell's inequality for n spin-s particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Bell's theorem with and without inequalities for the three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Bell’s theorem with and without inequalities for the three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Continuum coupling in one-dimensional scattering using a transformed harmonic oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Finite-precision measurement does not nullify the Kochen-Specker theoremPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Addendum to "Quantum key distribution without alternative measurements"PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Continuum discretization in a basis of transformed harmonic-oscillator statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Multiparty multilevel Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Letter2001Reply to "Comment on 'Quantum key distribution without alternative measurements'" [Phys. Rev. A 63, 036301 (2001)]PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota2001Reply to "comment on 'quantum key distribution without alternative measurements'" [Phys. Rev. A 63, 036301 (2001)]PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Semiclassical description of Stern-Gerlach experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Comparison between quantum and approximate semiclassical dynamics of an externally driven spin-harmonic oscillator systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Configuration localized wave functions: General formalism and applications to vibrational spectroscopy of diatomic moleculesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Nonlocality without inequalities has not been proved for maximally entangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Quantum key distribution without alternative measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Analytic evaluation of Franck-Condon integrals for anharmonic vibrational wave functionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Configuration localized Morse wave functions: Application to vibrational transitions in anharmonic diatomic moleculesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Quantum correlations are not contained in the initial statePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Quantum correlations are not local elements of realityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1998Ladder proof of nonlocality without inequalities and without probabilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1998Scattering of low-energy electrons by polar molecules: An analytic approachPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Letter1997Boson-realization model for the vibrational spectra of tetrahedral molecules - CommentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997Dispersion cancellation and quantum eraser experiments analyzed in the Wigner function formalismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997Fourth-order interference in the Wigner representation for parametric down-conversion experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997No-hidden-variables proof for two spin-1/2 particles preselected and postselected in unentangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1995Analytic description of the scattering of electrons by moleculesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota1992Applicability of the adiabatic approximation for barrier penetration at extremely low energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota1992Comparison between the homogeneous-shear and the sliding-boundary methods to produce shear-flowPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1992Dynamics of the Gay-Berne fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1992Influence of the interaction between adsorbed particles in a surface-reaction modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1992Nonequilibrium entropy of a gasPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota1992Time-correlation function in a stochastic bistable modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1991Laminar chaotic transport of charge in finite-amplitude electroconvectionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota1991Tunneling phenomena in the presence of kinematically forbidden channelsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1990Bistability in a surface-reaction modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1990Calculation of the entropy from master-equations with time-dependent transition-probabilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1990Phase-transitions in a nonlinear stochastic-model - A numerical-simulation studyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1990Velocity distribution function of a dilute gas under uniform shear-flow - comparison between a Monte-Carlo simulation method and the Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook equationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Analysis of nonlinear transport in Couette flowPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Brownian motion in an isothermal-isobaric bath: mass and size dependencePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Hilbert-class or normal solutions for stationary heat-flowPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Role of charge diffusion in finite-amplitude electroconvectionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Shear-rate dependence of the viscosity for dilute gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1989Velocity distribution for a gas with steady heat flowPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1988Molecular-dynamics pressure thermostatPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1987Fokker-planck and langevin-equations for arbitrary slip velocitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1987Heat and momentum transport far from equilibriumPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1986Computer simulation of a phase transition at constant temperature and pressurePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1986Kinetic model for steady heat flowPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1986Model for nonequilibrium computer-simulation methodsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1986Relationship of fluctuations and transport for nonlinear Markov-processesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1985Spectral density for a nonlinear Fokker-Planck model - Monte-Carlo and analytical studiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1984Deviation of the radial distribution function in the Weeks-Chandler-Andersen approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Nota1984Spectral density from nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations - the high-frequency limitPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1982Critical behavior in the Percus-Yevick equation for a Lennard-Jones potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1982Tjon effect for dense systems - a molecular-dynamics studyPHYSICAL REVIEW A