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Artículo2022Discrete embedded solitary waves and breathers in one-dimensional nonlinear latticesPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2020Nonlinear edge modes in a honeycomb electrical lattice near the Dirac pointsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2020Quantum computing cryptography: Finding cryptographic Boolean functions with quantum annealing by a 2000 qubit D-wave quantum computerPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2019Study of a dynamical system with a strange attractor and invariant toriPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2018Stabilization of the Peregrine soliton and Kuznetsov-Ma breathers by means of nonlinearity and dispersion managementPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2017A Korteweg-de Vries description of dark solitons in polariton superfluidsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2016Multifrequency and edge breathers in the discrete sine-Gordon system via subharmonic driving: Theory, computation and experimentPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2015An exact homoclinic orbit and its connection with the Rossler systemPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2013The Lu system is a particular case of the Lorenz systemPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2012A Kochen-Specker inequality from a SICPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2012Maximum quantum nonlocality between systems that never interactedPHYSICS LETTERS A
Corrección2010Entanglement in eight-qubit graph states (vol 373, pg 2219, 2009)PHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2010Quantum contextuality for rational vectorsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2009Entanglement in eight-qubit graph statesPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2008Discrete moving breather collisions in a Klein-Gordon chain of oscillatorsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2006Discrete soliton collisions in a waveguide array with saturable nonlinearityPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2005Quantum entanglement, indistinguishability, and the absent-minded driver's problemPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2005Recursive proof of the Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem in any dimension n > 3PHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2004Trapping in quantum chainsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2003A model for the analysis of the dynamical consequences of a nontransversal intersection of the two-dimensional manifolds involved in a T-pointPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2003Bell's inequality without alternative settingsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2003Influence of moving breathers on vacancies migrationPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2002Moving breathers in a bent DNA modelPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2002Noise-induced effects on the chaotic advection of fluid flowPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2002Nontransversal curves of T-points: a source of closed curves of global bifurcationsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2002Stability properties of vertical bar Psi vertical bar(2) in Bohmian dynamicsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo2001Coherence resonance in a washboard potentialPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1998dc motion of ac driven sine-Gordon solitonsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1998Higher-order quasilinear approximations for the propagator of the Kramers equationPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1998Non-trivial collective behavior in three-dimensional totalistic illegal cellular automata with high connectivityPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1997Noise-induced coherence in an excitable systemPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1996Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem: a proof with 18 vectorsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1996Experimental demonstration of the violation of local realism without Bell inequalities - CommentPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1996New variants of the Bell-Kochen-Specker theoremPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1996Stochastic resonance in a one-dimensional Ising modelPHYSICS LETTERS A
Nota1995Comments on stochastic resonance in a periodic potential system under a constant driving-forcePHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1995Intersection of crisis loci in a driven nonlinearly damped oscillatorPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1994Conical points in liquid-liquid interfaces subjected to electric-fieldsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1994On the microscopic origin of the boson peak in glassy materialsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1993Collective behavior of a probabilistic cellular automation with 2 absorbing phasesPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1993On the origin of the low-frequency excitations in glassy seleniumPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1992Collective excitations in a molecular classical liquidPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1992Friction coefficient of a Brownian particle: dependence on size and massPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1990The effect of dimensionality on Brownian motionPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1989Simulation results for the velocity auto-correlation function in a bond percolation modelPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1988Diffusion in a 2d bond percolation model - A Monte-Carlo simulationPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1987An exactly solvable model of the boltzmann-equation with removalPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1985Diffusion equations for nonhomogeneous media. existence of similarity solutionsPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1985Monte-Carlo calculation of the asymptotic decay of the spectral density in a nonlinear stochastic-systemPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1984On the relaxation of the low-energy region in the Boltzmann-equationPHYSICS LETTERS A
Artículo1978Numerical calculation of critical exponents from Percus-Yevick equationPHYSICS LETTERS A