Publicaciones en la fuente BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Identifying high priority conservation areas for Patagonian wetlands biodiversityBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2019When dynamism is the baseline: long-term ecology of a Mediterranean seasonal wetland in the Donana National Park (Southwestern Europe)BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2018Completeness of national freshwater fish species inventories around the worldBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2016How soil and elevation shape local plant biodiversity in a Mediterranean hotspotBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2015A gap analysis comparing the effectiveness of Natura 2000 and national protected area networks in representing European amphibians and reptilesBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2015Restricted by borders: trade-offs in transboundary conservation planning for large river systemsBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2013Factors affecting species richness of marine elasmobranchsBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2011Reservoirs promote the taxonomic homogenization of fish communities within river basinsBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2008Descriptive analysis of the 'relictual' Mediterranean landscape in the Guadalquivir River valley (southern Spain): a baseline for scientific research and the development of conservation action plansBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2007Contrasting strategies to cope with drought by invasive and endemic species of Lantana in GalapagosBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2007Floodplain lake fish assemblages in the Amazon River: directions in conservation biologyBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2007Sewage pollution and extinction risk: an endangered limpet as a bioindicator?BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2006Are water beetles good indicators of biodiversity in Mediterranean aquatic ecosystems? The case of the segura river basin (SE spain)BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2006Pollination ecology and seed production of Rhododendron ponticum in native and exotic habitatsBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2005Conservation of freshwater biodiversity: a comparison of different area selection methodsBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2005Humans act against the natural process of breeder selection: a modern sickness for animal populations?BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2002Effects of afforestation with pines on woody plant diversity of Mediterranean heathlands in southern SpainBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Artículo2000Plant diversity patterns in the Aljibe Mountains (S Spain): a comprehensive accountBIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION