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Artículo2021Advanced photonic thin films for solar irradiation tuneability oriented to greenhouse applicationsMATERIALS
Artículo2021Critical influence of the processing route on the mechanical properties of zirconia composites with graphene nanoplateletsMATERIALS
Artículo2021Electrical conductivity of a stretching viscoelastic filamentMATERIALS
Artículo2021Encased gold nanoparticle synthesis as a probe for oleuropein self-assembled structure formationMATERIALS
Revisión2021Environmental impact of nanoparticles’ application as an emerging technology: a reviewMATERIALS
Corrección2021Erratum: Guillermo M., et al. Environmental impact of nanoparticles' application as an emerging technology: a reviewMATERIALS
Artículo2021Evaluation of wear behaviour in metallic binders employed in diamond tools for cutting stoneMATERIALS
Artículo2021Impact of microfluidization on the emulsifying properties of zein-based emulsions: influence of diutan gum concentrationMATERIALS
Artículo2021Improved corrosion behavior and biocompatibility of porous titanium samples coated with bioactive chitosan-based nanocompositesMATERIALS
Artículo2021Mechanical Properties of Porous Structures for Dental Implants: Experimental Study and Computational HomogenizationMATERIALS
Artículo2021Mineralization of titanium surfaces: biomimetic implantsMATERIALS
Artículo2021Nickel wick by continuous freeze-casting: influences of the particle size on the capillarity and mechanical propertiesMATERIALS
Artículo2021On the Ejection of Filaments of Polymer Solutions Triggered by a Micrometer-Scale Mixing MechanismMATERIALS
Artículo2021Study of the influence of sintering atmosphere and mechanical activation on the synthesis of bulk Ti2AlN MAX phase obtained by spark plasma sinteringMATERIALS
Artículo2021Synthesis and characterization of a nearly single bulk ti2aln max phase obtained from ti/aln powder mixture through spark plasma sinteringMATERIALS
Artículo2021The Possible Detriment of Oxygen in Creep of Alumina and Zirconia Ceramic Composites Reinforced with GrapheneMATERIALS
Artículo2021Thermal Modeling of the Port on a Refining Furnace to Prevent Copper Infiltration and Slag AccretionMATERIALS
Artículo2021Ultrasonic vibration-assisted ball burnishing tool for a lathe characterized by acoustic emission and vibratory measurementsMATERIALS
Artículo2020A Microstructure Insight of MTA Repair HP of Rapid Setting Capacity and Bioactive ResponseMATERIALS
Artículo2020A structural comparison of ordered and non-ordered ion doped silicate bioactive glassesMATERIALS
Artículo2020Citrate and polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilized silver nanoparticles as selective colorimetric sensor for aluminum (III) ions in realwater samplesMATERIALS
Artículo2020Development by mechanochemistry of La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.8electrolyte for SOFCsMATERIALS
Artículo2020Effect of rough surface platforms on the mucosal attachment and the marginal bone loss of implants: A dog studyMATERIALS
Artículo2020Electrochemically exfoliated graphene-like nanosheets for use in ceramic nanocompositesMATERIALS
Artículo2020Influence of milling time on the homogeneity and magnetism of a fe70Zr30 partially amorphous alloy: Distribution of curie temperaturesMATERIALS
Artículo2020Influence of the titanium implant surface treatment on the surface roughness and chemical compositionMATERIALS
Artículo2020Long-term clinical outcomes of treatment with dental implants with acid etched surfaceMATERIALS
Artículo2020Nickel porous compacts obtained by medium-frequency electrical resistance sinteringMATERIALS
Artículo2020On the Determination of Forming Limits in Polycarbonate SheetsMATERIALS
Artículo2020On the use of strain path independent metrics and critical distance rule for predicting failure of AA7075-O stretch-bend sheetsMATERIALS
Revisión2020Platelet-rich plasma in maxillary sinus augmentation: Systematic reviewMATERIALS
Artículo2020Processing and formulation optimization of mandarin essential oil-loaded emulsions developed by microfluidizationMATERIALS
Artículo2020Relevant Design Aspects to Improve the Stability of Titanium Dental ImplantsMATERIALS
Artículo2020Reuse of CD and DVD wastes as reinforcement in gypsum plaster platesMATERIALS
Artículo2020Use of polycarbonate waste as aggregate in recycled gypsum plastersMATERIALS
Artículo2020Villari effect at low strain in magnetoactive materialsMATERIALS
Revisión2019Bone Loss in Implants Placed at Subcrestal and Crestal Level: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisMATERIALS
Revisión2019Computational Multiscale Solvers for Continuum ApproachesMATERIALS
Artículo2019Fracture and fatigue of titanium narrow dental implants: New trends in order to improve the mechanical responseMATERIALS
Artículo2019Human Osteoblast Cell Behaviour on Titanium Discs Treated with Argon PlasmaMATERIALS
Artículo2019Impact of Wetting-Drying Cycles on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Wood Waste-Gypsum CompositesMATERIALS
Artículo2019Influence of the Elastic Modulus on the Osseointegration of Dental ImplantsMATERIALS
Artículo2019Injectable Hydrogels Based on Pluronic/Water Systems Filled with Alginate Microparticles for Biomedical ApplicationsMATERIALS
Revisión2019Neuromorphic spiking neural networks and their memristor-CMOS hardware implementationsMATERIALS
Artículo2019Synthetic Slag Production Method Based on a Solid Waste Mix Vitrification for the Manufacturing of Slag-CementMATERIALS
Revisión2019The application of statins in the regeneration of bone defects. Systematic review and meta-analysisMATERIALS
Artículo2018In Situ Synthesis of Al-Based MMCs Reinforced with AlN by Mechanical Alloying under NH3 GasMATERIALS
Artículo2018In Vitro Comparative Study of Oxygen Plasma Treated Poly(Lactic-Co-Glycolic) (PLGA) Membranes and Supported Nanostructured Oxides for Guided Bone Regeneration ProcessesMATERIALS
Artículo2018Optimization of Hole-Flanging by Single Point Incremental Forming in Two StagesMATERIALS
Artículo2018Study of fluorinated quantum dots-protein interactions at the oil/water interface by interfacial surface tension changesMATERIALS
Artículo2017Analysis of the Influence of Starting Materials and Processing Conditions on the Properties of W/Cu AlloysMATERIALS
Artículo2017Analysis of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Titanium-Based Composites Reinforced by Secondary Phases and B4C Particles Produced via Direct Hot PressingMATERIALS
Artículo2017Mesoscale Characterization of Fracture Properties of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Using a Lattice-Particle ModelMATERIALS
Artículo2017Preparation and optimization of fluorescent thin films of rosamine-SiO 2 /TiO 2 composites for NO 2 sensMATERIALS
Artículo2017Probabilistic Flexural Fatigue in Plain and Fiber-Reinforced ConcreteMATERIALS
Artículo2016Development of Biomimetic NiTi Alloy: Influence of Thermo-Chemical Treatment on the Physical, Mechanical and Biological BehaviorMATERIALS
Artículo2016Influence of Sintering Temperature on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of In Situ Reinforced Titanium Composites by Inductive Hot PressingMATERIALS
Artículo2016Use of Natural-Fiber Bio-Composites in Construction versus Traditional Solutions: Operational and Embodied Energy AssessmentMATERIALS