Publicaciones en la fuente COMPOSITE STRUCTURES

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Artículo2022Normal stress flow evaluation in composite aircraft wing sections by strength of material modelsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2022XFEM crack growth virtual monitoring in self-sensing CNT reinforced polymer nanocomposite plates using ANSYSCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2021A multi phase-field-cohesive zone model for laminated composites: application to delamination migrationCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Closed-form methodology for the bending of symmetric composite plates with cutouts and non-uniform lay-upCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Multiscale design of nanoengineered matrices for lead-free piezocomposites: improved performance via controlling auxeticity and anisotropyCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2021Riveted joints in composites, a practical tool to estimate stresses around the rivet holeCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2021The scale effect in composites: an explanation physically based on the different mechanisms of damage involved in failureCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2020A multi phase-field fracture model for long fiber reinforced composites based on the Puck theory of failureCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Advanced modeling of lead-free piezocomposites: The role of nonlocal and nonlinear effectsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Determination of in-plane and through-the-thickness coefficients of thermal expansion in composite angle brackets using digital image correlationCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Numerical study of interface cracking in composite structures using a novel geometrically nonlinear Linear Elastic Brittle Interface Model: Mixed-mode fracture conditions and application to structured interfacesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Revisión2020Review of recent developments and induced damage assessment in the modelling of the machining of long fibre reinforced polymer compositesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2020Virtual element method for computational homogenization of composite and heterogeneous materialsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019A phase field approach to simulate intralaminar and translaminar fracture in long fiber composite materialsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Accurate modelling of instabilities caused by multi-site interface-crack onset and propagation in composites using the sequentially linear analysis and AbaqusCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019An approach using highly sensitive carbon nanotube adhesive films for crack growth detection under flexural load in composite structuresCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Closed-form methodology for stress analysis of composite plates with cutouts and non-uniform lay-upCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Evaluation of sensitivity for detecting different failure modes of epoxy matrix composites doped with graphene nanoparticlesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Lead-free piezocomposites with CNT-modified matrices: Accounting for agglomerations and molecular defectsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2019Predicting failure load of a non-crimp fabric composite by means of a 3D finite element model including progressive damageCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Bending and free vibration analysis of functionally graded graphene vs. carbon nanotube reinforced composite platesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Characterization of 3D printed long fibre reinforced compositesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Coupled effect of CNT waviness and agglomeration: A case study of vibrational analysis of CNT/polymer skew platesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Fracture resistance of 3D printed adhesively bonded DCB composite specimens using structured interfaces: Experimental and theoretical studyCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2018Thermally induced multistable configurations of variable stiffness composite plates: Semi-analytical and finite element investigationCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2017A 3D finite strain model for intralayer and interlayer crack simulation coupling the phase field approach and cohesive zone modelCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Experimental failure investigation of pull-off tests of single T-stiffened composite specimensCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Micromechanics modeling of the uniaxial strain-sensing property of carbon nanotube cement-matrix composites for SHM applicationsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2017Semi-analytic model to evaluate non-regularized stresses causing unfolding failure in compositesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016A new analytical model for evaluating interlaminar stresses in the unfolding failure of composite laminatesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016A two-way loose coupling procedure for investigating the buckling and damage behaviour of stiffened composite panelsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Application and finite element implementation of 7-parameter shell element for geometrically nonlinear analysis of layered CFRP compositesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Finite deformation model for short fiber reinforced composites: Application to hybrid metal-composite clinching jointsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Geometrically nonlinear analysis of functionally graded power-based and carbon nanotubes reinforced composites using a fully integrated solid shell elementCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Metamodel-based approach for stochastic free vibration analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced platesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Modelling interfacial debonds in unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites under biaxial transverse loadsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Reversible phenomena and failure localization in self-monitoring GNP/epoxy nanocompositesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Static and free vibration analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced skew platesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2016Three dimensional finite element study of the behaviour and failure mechanism of non-crimp fabric composites under in-plane compressionCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2014Modelling the waviness of the fibres in non-crimp fabric composites using 3D finite element models with straight towsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2013A composite runout specimen subjected to tension-compression loading conditions: Experimental and global-local finite element analysisCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2012Postbuckling behavior of a pressurized stiffened composite panel - Part II: Numerical analysis. Effect of the geometrical imperfectionsCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2012Postbuckling behaviour of a pressurized stiffened composite panel - Part I: Experimental studyCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2011Evaluation of shear flow in composite wind turbine bladesCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2010Mechanochemical preparation of BaTiO3-Ni nanocomposites with high dielectric constantCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2004Ceramic fibrous monolithic structuresCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2002Joining particulate and whisker ceramic composites by plastic flowCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES
Artículo2001Experimental investigation of the dynamic response of graphite-epoxy composite laminates under compressionCOMPOSITE STRUCTURES