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Revisión2018Potential therapeutic applications of the genus Annona: Local and traditional uses and pharmacologyJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2017The flavonol-enriched Cistus albidus chloroform extract possesses in vivo anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activityJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2015Pharmacological effects of mitraphylline from Uncaria tomentosa in primary human monocytes: Skew toward M2 macrophagesJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2014Long-chain fatty alcohols from evening primrose oil inhibit the inflammatory response in murine peritoneal macrophagesJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2013Abarema cochliacarpos reduces LPS-induced inflammatory response in murine peritoneal macrophages regulating ROS-MAPK signal pathwayJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2013Anti-inflammatory intestinal activity of Arctium lappa L. (Asteraceae) in TNBS colitis modelJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2010Anti-inflammatory intestinal activity of Abarema cochliacarpos (Gomes) Barneby & Grimes in TNBS colitis modelJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2010Anti-secretory, anti-inflammatory and anti-Helicobacter pylori activities of several fractions isolated from Piper carpunya Ruiz & Pav.JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2008Cedrelopsis grevei improves endothelial vasodilatation in aged rats through an increase of NO participationJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2007The aerial parts of Guazuma ulmifolia Lam. protect against NSAID-induced gastric legionsJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2006Protective and antioxidant effects of Rhizophora mangle L. against NSAID-induced gastric ulcersJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2004Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effect of the aqueous extract from leaves of Pimenta racemosa var. ozua (Mirtaceae)JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2003Cytotoxic effect of Plantago spp. on cancer cell linesJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2003Hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic effect of argan oil (Argania spinosa L.) in Meriones shawi ratsJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2002In vitro antiplasmodial activity of extracts of Alchornea cordifolia and identification of an active constituent: ellagic acidJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2001A pharmacological study of Cecropia obtusifolia Bertol aqueous extractJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2000Anti-inflammatory activity of Agave intermixta Trel. and Cissus sicyoides L., species used in the Caribbean traditional medicineJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2000Cardiovascular activity of a methanolic extract of Digitalis purpurea spp. heywoodiiJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2000Evidence for protective and antioxidant properties of rutin, a natural flavone, against ethanol induced gastric lesionsJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo1999Antinociceptive effects of the tubercles of Anredera leptostachysJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo1996Antibacterial activity of the phenolic acids fractions of Scrophularia frutescens and Scrophularia sambucifoliaJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY
Artículo1994Antiulcerogenicity of the flavonoid fraction from bidens aurea - Comparison with ranitidine and omeprazoleJOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY