Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION

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Ponencia2022Characterisation of irradiated and non-irradiated silicon sensors with a table-top two photon absorption TCT systemJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2022Characterization of scintillator screens under irradiation of low energy 133Cs ionsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2022Neutron tagging following atmospheric neutrino events in a water Cherenkov detectorJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2022Scintillator ageing of the T2K near detectors from 2010 to 2021JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2022Thermo-mechanical limits of a magnetically driven fast-ion loss detector in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019A fast model to resolve the velocity-space of fast-ion losses detected in ASDEX Upgrade and MAST UpgradeJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Beam modelling and hardware design of an imaging heavy ion beam probe for ASDEX UpgradeJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Deep neural networks for plasma tomography with applications to JET and COMPASSJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Determination of the Fast-Ion Phase-Space Coverage for the FILD Spatial Array of the ASDEX Upgrade TokamakJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Diagnostic of fast-ion energy spectra and densities in magnetized plasmasJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Feasibility study for an edge main ion charge exchange recombination spectroscopy system at ASDEX UpgradeJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Ponencia2019First measurements of a magnetically driven fast-ion loss detector on ASDEX UpgradeJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Synthetic diagnostic for the JET scintillator probe lost alpha measurementsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2019Upgrade of the edge Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy system at the High Field Side of ASDEX UpgradeJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017Conceptual design of a scintillator based Imaging Heavy Ion Beam Probe for the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017Detectors and Concepts for sub-100 ps timing with gaseous detectorsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017EXILL - a high-efficiency, high-resolution setup for gamma-spectroscopy at an intense cold neutron beam facilityJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017GEANT4 simulation of the response of a liquid scintillation counterJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017On the determination of the substrate effective doping concentration of irradiated HV-CMOS sensors using an edge-TCT technique based on the Two-Photon-Absorption processJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017Results of the first user program on the HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source HOTNES (ENEA/INFN)JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017Synthetic neutron camera and spectrometer in JET based on AFSI- ASCOT simulationsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2017Synthetic NPA diagnostic for energetic particles in JET plasmasJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Ponencia2017The impact of the fast ion fluxes and thermal plasma loads on the design of the ITER fast ion loss detectorJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2016A generalized Abel inversion method for gamma-ray imaging of thermonuclear plasmasJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2016Classification of JET Neutron and Gamma Emissivity ProfilesJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2016On determining the prediction limits of mathematical models for time seriesJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2016Recent progress of RD53 Collaboration towards next generation Pixel Read-Out Chip for HL-LHCJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2016Technology developments and first measurements on inverse Low Gain Avalanche Detector (iLGAD) for high energy physics applicationsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo20153D cylindrical silicon microdosimeters: fabrication, simulation and charge collection studyJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2013Beam tracking with micromegas & wire chambers in secondary electron detection configurationJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2012Micromegas at low pressure for beam trackingJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2012MONSTER: a time of flight spectrometer for beta-delayed neutron emission measurementsJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2012Performance of upstream interaction region detectors for the FIRST experiment at GSIJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2011Characterization of scintillator screens for suprathermal ion detection in fusion devicesJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2009Light yield non-proportionality of undoped YAP scintillatorJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2009Secondary electrons detectors for beam tracking: micromegas and wire chamberJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION
Artículo2006Comparative study of PP0275C hybrid photodetector and XP2020Q photomultiplier in scintillation detectionJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION