Publicaciones en la fuente Mutation Research

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Artículo2013Chromosomal radiosensitivity in patients with multiple sclerosisMutation Research
Artículo2012The DNA topoisomerase II catalytic inhibitor merbarone is genotoxic and induces endoreduplicationMutation Research
Artículo2010The role of the DNA hypermethylating agent Budesonide in the decatenating activity of DNA topoisomerase IIMutation Research
Artículo2008Protection of halogenated DNA from strand breakage and sister-chromatid exchange induced by the topoisomerase I inhibitor camptothecinMutation Research
Artículo2008The high rate of endoreduplication in the repair deficient CHO mutant EM9 parallels a reduced level of methylated deoxycytidine in DNAMutation Research
Artículo2006Cisplatin-induced endoreduplication in CHO cells: DNA damage and inhibition of topoisomerase IIMutation Research
Artículo2006Modulation of radiation response by inhibiting topoisomerase II catalytic activityMutation Research
Artículo2005The DNA demethylating 5-azaC induces endoreduplication in cultured Chinese hamster cellsMutation Research
Artículo2003DNA strand breaks induced by the anti-topoisomerase II bis-dioxopiperazine ICRF-193Mutation Research
Artículo2000Yield of SCEs and translocations produced by 3 aminobenzamide in cultured Chinese hamster cellsMutation Research
Artículo1998A high yield of translocations parallels the high yield of sister chromatid exchanges in the CHO mutant EM9Mutation Research
Artículo1998Enhanced sensitivity to topoisomerase inhibitors in synchronous CHO cells pre-treated with 5-azacytidineMutation Research
Artículo1996Bovine and rabbit lymphocytes conditioned with hydrogen peroxide show an adaptive response to radiation damageMutation Research
Artículo1996Immunofluorescent analysis of the organization of telomeric DNA sequences and their involvement in chromosomal aberrations in hamster cellsMutation Research
Artículo1996Mechanisms of induction of chromosomal aberrations and their detection by fluorescence in situ hybridizationMutation Research
Artículo1994Differences in the adaptive response to radiation-damage in G(0) human-lymphocytes conditioned with hydrogen-peroxide or low-dose x-raysMutation Research
Artículo1993Adaptive response to radiation damage in human lymphocytes conditioned with hydrogen peroxide as measured by the cytokinesis-block micronucleus techniqueMutation Research
Artículo1992A comparative study of the potentiating effect of caffeine and poly-d-lysine on chromosome damage induced by X-rays in plant cellsMutation Research
Artículo1992Mitomycin C, 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide and ethyl methanesulfonate induced long-lived lesions in DNA which result in SCEs during successive cell cycles in human lymphocytesMutation Research
Artículo1992Poly-d-lysine in g(2) potentiates chromosome-damage induced by x-rays and mitomycin-c in cho cellsMutation Research
Artículo1991Premature onset of mitosis and potentiation of chromosome-damage induced by poly-d-lysine in plant-cells - evidence for g2 repairMutation Research
Artículo1990High-levels of chromosome instability in polyploids of saccharomyces-cerevisiaeMutation Research
Artículo1987Effects of caffeine and inhibitors of dna-synthesis on chromatid-type aberrations induced by acetaldehyde in root-tip cellsMutation Research
Artículo1987Factors affecting the production of sces by maleic hydrazide in root-tip chromosomes of allium cepaMutation Research
Artículo1986Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of ethanol and acetaldehyde in root-meristem cells of Allium cepaMutation Research