Publicaciones en la fuente CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021A fault detection and reconfiguration approach for MPC-based energy management in an experimental microgridCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2021A framework for set-based kinematic control of multi-robot systemsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2021Scenario-based defense mechanism against vulnerabilities in Lagrange-based DMPCCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2020A hybrid control strategy for quadratic boost converters with inductor currents estimationCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2020Robust hybrid control law for a boost inverterCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2019Gain-scheduling model predictive control of a Fresnel collector fieldCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2018An application of economic model predictive control to inventory management in hospitalsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2018Trade-offs analysis in predictive current control of multi-phase induction machinesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2017Parameter identification of a multi-stage, multi-load-demand experimental refrigeration plantCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2017Pulse-width predictive control for LTV systems with application to spacecraft rendezvousCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Editorial2017Recent and future trends in space and aeronautics - Special section on selected advanced control systemsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2017Sensitivity of predictive controllers to parameter variation in five-phase induction motor drivesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2016Application to a drinking water network of robust periodic MPCCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2016Control-based load-balancing techniques: Analysis and performance evaluation via a randomized optimization approachCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2016Day-ahead economic optimization of energy use in an olive millCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2016Multiphase rotor current observers for current predictive control: A five-phase case studyCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2015Two-wheeled self-balanced pendulum workspace improvement via underactuated robust nonlinear controlCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2014A control benchmark on the energy management of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicleCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2014Voltage balancing in three-level neutral-point-clamped converters via Luenberger observerCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2013A nonlinear hybrid controller for swinging-up and stabilizing the Furuta pendulumCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2013Sensor-network-based robust distributed control and estimationCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2012Adaptative state-space model predictive control of a parabolic-trough fieldCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2012Chance-constrained model predictive control for spacecraft rendezvous with disturbance estimationCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2012Nonlinear MPC for the airflow in a PEM fuel cell using a Volterra series modelCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2011Adaptive control design for a boost inverterCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2011Nonlinear MPC based on a Volterra series model for greenhouse temperature control using natural ventilationCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009An unified approach for DTC design using interactive toolsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009Control of a pilot plant using QP based min-max predictive controlCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009Design and experimental validation of a constrained MPC for the air feed of a fuel cellCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009Multi-phase current control using finite-state model-predictive controlCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009PI tuning of five-phase drives with third harmonic injectionCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2009Sliding mode predictive control of a solar air conditioning plantCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2008Dead-time compensators: A surveyCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2008Iterative nonlinear model predictive control. Stability, robustness and applicationsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2007Feedback linearization control for a distributed solar collector fieldCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2007Managing risk in semiconductor manufacturing: A stochastic predictive control approachCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2007Multivariable robust control of a rotary dryer: analysis and designCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2005Application of an explicit min-max MPC to a scaled laboratory processCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2004An algorithm for optimal scheduling and risk assessment of projectsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2004Flowmeter random error estimation by an analytical variance estimation method: a simple test bedCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2004Fuzzy control of reactive navigation with stability analysis based on Conicity and Lyapunov theoryCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2004Implementation of min-max MPC using hinging hyperplanes. Application to a heat exchangerCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2002Dead-time compensation for ABR traffic control over ATM networksCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2001Mobile robot path tracking using a robust PID controllerCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo2000A generic natural language interface for task planning - application to a mobile robotCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1999A Smith-predictor-based generalised predictive controller for mobile robot path-trackingCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1999Control and perception components for autonomous vehicle guidance. Application to the ROMEO vehiclesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Editorial1999Intelligent components for vehicles - PrefaceCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1999Techniques for reducing false alarms in infrared forest-fire automatic detection systemsCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1998Modelling the free response of a solar plant for predictive controlCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1998Neural identification applied to predictive control of a solar plantCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1997Design of a combined tracking control systemCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1997Improving the robustness of dead-time compensating PI controllersCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1996Automatic assembly task assignment for a multirobot environmentCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1996Frequency-based adaptive control of systems with antiresonance modesCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Artículo1996Mobile robot navigation in a partially structured static environment, using neural predictive controlCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE