Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS

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Artículo2021Electric force between a dielectric sphere and a dielectric planeJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2018A simplified formulation of wire-plate corona discharge in air: Application to the ion wind simulationJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2018Numerical investigation of electroconvection induced by strong unipolar injection between two rotating coaxial cylindersJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2018Parametric study of a DBD plasma actuation based on the Suzen-Huang modelJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2017Study of the transition from conduction to injection in an electrohydrodynamic flow in blade-plane geometryJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2015Induced soap-film flow by non-uniform alternating electric fieldJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2015On two-dimensional finite amplitude electro-convection in a dielectric liquid induced by a strong unipolar injectionJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2012An analytical approach to wire-to-cylinder corona dischargeJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2011Dielectrophoretic and AC electroosmotic trapping of DNA: Numerical simulation incorporating fluid dynamics and steric particle effectsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2011Soft X-ray charger (SXC) system for use with electrospray for mobility measurement of bioaerosolsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2009Electrical manipulation of electrolytes with conductivity gradients in microsystemsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2009Electrofluidized bed of silica nanoparticlesJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2009Measurements of DC conductivity of suspensions in non aqueous mediaJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2009Water flows induced by microwave electric fields in microsystemsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2008Geometric properties of the patterns observed in low conducting liquids under corona dischargeJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2007Effect of annealing on conductivity in XLPE mid-voltage cable insulationJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2002Charge and force on a conducting sphere between two parallel electrodesJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2002Numerical solution of the dielectrophoretic and travelling wave forces for interdigitated electrode arrays using the finite element methodJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2001Electrothermally induced fluid flow on microelectrodesJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2001Mechanical stresses of a layer of colloidal particles aggregated by means of an electric fieldJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo2001Water treeing in underground power cables: modelling of the trees and calculation of the electric field perturbationJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1999Parametric instability of conducting, slightly viscous liquid jets under periodic electric fieldsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Editorial1999Selected papers from the International Workshop on Electrical Conduction, Convection and Breakdown - Seville, Spain, March 27-28, 1998 - ForewordJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1999The role of electrohydrodynamic forces in the dielectrophoretic manipulation and separation of particlesJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1999The role of the electrical conductivity and viscosity on the motions inside Taylor conesJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Dynamics of slender viscous dielectric liquid bridges subjected to axial AC fieldsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Electrical and chemical model of negative corona in oxygen at atmospheric pressureJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Influence of plate spacing and ash resistivity on the efficiency of electrostatic precipitatorsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Nonlinear waves in a viscous horizontal film in the presence of an electric fieldJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Rose-window instability in low conductingJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997Stability of insulating viscous jets under axial electric fieldsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1997The danger of water trees in polymer insulated power cables evaluated from calculations of electric field in the presence of water trees of different shapes and permittivity distributionsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1994Equilibrium shapes and bifurcation of captive dielectric drops subjected to electric-fieldsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS
Artículo1991Shapes and stability of liquid bridges subjected to ac electric-fieldsJOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS