Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2012Segregation at a small scale: synthesis of core-shell bimetallic RuPt nanoparticles, characterization and solid state NMR studiesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2012Superhydrophobic supported Ag-NPs@ZnO-nanorods with photoactivity in the visible rangeJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Cofactor regeneration in polymersome nanoreactors: enzymatically catalysed Baeyer-Villiger reactionsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Enhanced gas sensing performance of TiO2 functionalized magneto-optical SPR sensorsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2009Redox properties of gold-substituted zirconia surfacesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo20081D SiC decoration of SiC macroscopic shapes for filtration devicesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2008Polymer encapsulation effects on the magnetism of EuS nanocrystalsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2007Monophasic TiyNb1-yCxN1-x nanopowders obtained at room temperature by MSRJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2006Properties of small TiO2, ZrO2 and HfO2 nanoparticlesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2003Sol-gel obtained silicophosphates as materials to retain caesium at high temperaturesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2002Layered Ni(II)-Zn(II) hydroxyacetates. Anion exchange and thermal decomposition of the hydroxysalts obtainedJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2000TEM, EELS and EFTEM characterization of nickel nanoparticles encapsulated in carbonJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1999Preparation, characterization and thermal evolution of oxygen passivated nanocrystalline cobaltJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1999Structure, texture, acidity and catalytic performance of AlPO4-caesium oxide catalysts in 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-ol conversionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1998Anomalous scattering study of oxide scales formed at 1173 K on surface modified stainless steelJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1998Study of aluminophosphate oxynitride (AlPON) materials by X-ray photoelectron (XPS) and diffuse reflectance Fourier transform IR spectroscopy (DRIFTS)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1996Study of the formation mechanism of complex oxides obtained by the sol-gel method: Influence of the structure of iron, aluminium and yttrium acetylacetonate precursors on the phase composition of the ZrO2 ceramicsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1996Thermal behaviour of Zn-Cr layered double hydroxides with hydrotalcite-like structures containing carbonate or decavanadateJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1995Effect of preparation method on the surface-acidity and catalytic performance of iron orthophosphates in cyclohexene conversionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1995Oxidative coupling of methane over tetragonal bi2o3-ln(2)o(3) phasesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1995Study of corrosion-protected ain samples by x-ray photoelectron-spectroscopy and diffuse-reflectance ir fourier-transform spectroscopyJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1994Solid-state reaction between molybdena and alumina - effect of water-vapor pressure on the dispersion and nature of the supported phasesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo1993Surface dispersion of molybdena supported on silica, alumina and titaniaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY