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Artículo2017Volunteering by elders: a question of values?SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2014Simultaneous measurement of quality in different online servicesSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013A qualitative and longitudinal analysis of market orientationSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013An application of health-portals to improve electronic listeningSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013Building trust and commitment to blogsSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013Designing fixed-income securities investment portfolios under different scenariosSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Editorial2013Healthcare management in the knowledge-based economySERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013Knowledge management, relational learning, and the effectiveness of innovation outcomesSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2013Patterns of innovation in tourism "Small and Medium-size Enterprises'SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2012Adjusted expectations, satisfaction and loyalty developmentSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2012Improving the absorptive capacity through unlearning context: an empirical investigation in hospital-in-the-home unitsSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2012Reasons for the expansion in franchising: is it all said?SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2011An overview of revenue management in service industries: an application to car parksSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2011Applicability of global value chains analysis to tourism: Issues of governance and upgradingSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2011Understanding travel expenditure by means of market segmentationSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2010Searching for latent class segments in technological servicesSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL
Artículo2007Explaining market heterogeneity in terms of value perceptionsSERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL