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Letter2022Global goals overlook freshwater conservationSCIENCE
Artículo2022Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white cloverSCIENCE
Artículo2022GnRH replacement rescues cognition in Down syndromeSCIENCE
Artículo2021Aberrant type 1 immunity drives susceptibility to mucosal fungal infectionsSCIENCE
Artículo2021Response to comments on “Aberrant type 1 immunity drives susceptibility to mucosal fungal infections”SCIENCE
Artículo2021Unearthing Neanderthal population history using nuclear and mitochondrial DNA from cave sedimentsSCIENCE
Revisión2020Fire and biodiversity in the AnthropoceneSCIENCE
Artículo2020How waves and turbulence maintain the super-rotation of Venus' atmosphereSCIENCE
Letter2020Lessons from viruses that affect lagomorphsSCIENCE
Artículo2020The genetic architecture of the human cerebral cortexSCIENCE
Letter2019A dynamic strategy for EU conservationSCIENCE
Revisión2019Rewilding complex ecosystemsSCIENCE
Letter2019Wildfires: Opportunity for restoration?SCIENCE
Artículo2018Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brainSCIENCE
Editorial2018When the cure kills-CBD limits biodiversity research National laws fearing biopiracy squelch taxonomy studiesSCIENCE
Letter2017Academia's failure to retain data scientistsSCIENCE
Artículo2017Measurement of the small-scale structure of the intergalactic medium using close quasar pairsSCIENCE
Revisión2017The need to regulate replication fork speedSCIENCE
Artículo2017ZATT (ZNF451)-mediated resolution of topoisomerase 2 DNA-protein cross-linksSCIENCE
Artículo2014Highly active copper-ceria and copper-ceria-titania catalysts for methanol synthesis from CO2SCIENCE
Artículo2014Neandertal roots: cranial and chronological evidence from Sima de los HuesosSCIENCE
Artículo2014Polyubiquitylation drives replisome disassembly at the termination of DNA replicationSCIENCE
Letter2013Capping Progress on Invasive Species?SCIENCE
Artículo2013Functional Extinction of Birds Drives Rapid Evolutionary Changes in Seed SizeSCIENCE
Artículo2013Invasive Species What Everyone Needs to KnowSCIENCE
Artículo2010Ku70 corrupts DNA repair in the absence of the fanconi anemia pathwaySCIENCE
Letter2009A Standardized Response to Biological Invasions ResponseSCIENCE
Letter2009Biological Invasions: Benefits versus Risks ResponseSCIENCE
Artículo2009Reversible Interactions with para-Hydrogen Enhance NMR Sensitivity by Polarization TransferSCIENCE
Editorial2009Will Threat of Biological Invasions Unite the European Union?SCIENCE
Artículo2008The Circadian Clock in Arabidopsis Roots Is a Simplified Slave Version of the Clock in ShootsSCIENCE
Artículo2006Asymmetric coevolutionary networks facilitate biodiversity maintenanceSCIENCE
Editorial2006Response to comment on "Asymmetric coevolutionary networks facilitate biodiversity maintenance''SCIENCE
Artículo2004Decamethyldizincocene, a stable compound of Zn(I) with a Zn-Zn bondSCIENCE
Artículo2003Hirschsprung disease is linked to defects in neural crest stem cell functionSCIENCE
Artículo2002Micro/nano encapsutation via electrified coaxial liquid jetsSCIENCE