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Artículo2022Mechanical crystallization of amorphous Ti50Al30Ni20 alloy prepared by mechanical alloyingMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2022Monolithic Integration of Graphene in SiC Radiation Sensors for Harsh-Environment ApplicationsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2022Nickel porous compacts obtained by electrical discharge consolidationMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Accelerating the adoption of industry 4.0 supporting technologies in manufacturing engineering coursesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Innovations in learning and teaching for manufacturing engineering under ubiquitous computing and distributed on mobile devices smartphones and tabletsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Teaching & learning of sheet metal forming processes using DEFORM-3DMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Teaching and learning of manufacturing engineering through virtualization of processes on CNC machinesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016An open architecture for the sustainable lifecycle of products and manufacturing processes from the Holonic ParadigmMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016High-temperature plasticity in super hard boron carbide ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Innovation in lean manufacturing by kansei-chisei engineeringMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Multidisciplinary learning of manufacturing engineering through bachelor and master theses in incremental sheet formingMaterials Science Forum
Editorial2016PrefaceMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Sustainable manufacturing engineering and innovative projects of teaching, research and entrepreneurshipMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Teaching experience for the virtualization of machine tools and simulation of manufacturing operationsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016The role of a threshold stress on the superplasticity of ceramics revisitedMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Calorimetric study of avalanche criticality in the martensitic phase transition of CU67.64Zn16.71Al15.65Materials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Comparative Study of The Chemical Degradation Effects on Polymer Concrete with Limestone AggregatesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Effect of Boron on the Amorphization of Fe-Si Alloys by Mechanical AlloyingMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Order Effect of Vacuum and Ammonia Atmospheres on Aluminium Nitriding by Mechanical AlloyingMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Recent insights on the superplastic behaviour of ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Self-evaluation E-learning System for Manufacturing Engineering SubjectsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Teaching Experience on Metal Forming Processes through Case Study MethodologyMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Comparative Study of Electrical and Microstructural Properties of 4H-SiC MOSFETsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012FEA of the Influence of Assembly Parameters on the Fatigue Life of Metal-Composite Bolted JointsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Nano-analytical and electrical characterization of 4H-SIC MOSFETsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Numerical Analysis of the Stress/Strain Evolution in Incremental Sheet Forming and Stretch-bending ProcessesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2010Free standing AIN single crystal grown on pre-patterned and in situ patterned 4H-SiC substratesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Changes in Particle Size and Crystallinity in Ground Nickel PowderMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008La Fe Victoriosa casting featuresMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Marine Precursors-Based Biomorphic SiC CeramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Metallic powders amorphization by mechanical alloying and subsequent electrical sinteringMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Phase separation of la0.70-xErxSr 0.30MnO3 and its effect on magnetic and magnetocalorlc propertiesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2007Intermetallic effects on the ductility of sintered aluminiumMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics coated with bioactive glass for medical applicationsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Electrical Resistance Sintering of M.A. Al-5AlN PowdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Failure prediction in stretched sheets of aluminium 2024-T3Materials Science Forum
Artículo2006Green and sintered properties of consolidated mixtures of mechanically alloyed and elemental Al powdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Influence of PCA content on mechanical properties of sintered MA aluminiumMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2006Phase transformation and structural studies of EUROFER RAFM alloyMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2005Magnetic and mechanical properties of magnetic glass-coated microwires with different glass coating.Materials Science Forum
Artículo2005RBS-channeling and EPR studies of damage in 2 MeV Al2+-implanted 6H-SiC substratesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2005Success of the Z-matrix representation in Monte-Carlo structural determination of stimulant drugs (caffeine and nicotine) from their X-ray powder diffraction patternMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Creep of zirconia/nickel compositesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Plastic behaviour of nanostructured yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystals: The effect of yttrium segregationMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Porosity in silicon and silica thin films monitored by positrons and positroniumMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003Advances in MA aluminium powders consolidation by mechanical cold pressing and vacuum sinteringMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003Effect of Mg as sintering additive on the consolidation of mechanically alloyed Al powderMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003High sensitivity ion beam analytical method for studying ion implanted sicMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003Structure and properties of consolidated attrition-milled Al-5%Ti PM specimensMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002A DFT study of Au deposition on (001) surface of TiNMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Cerium SiAlON glasses as a model for the immobilisation of nuclear high level wastesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Characterization of hexagonal boron nitride powdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Charge-transfer interaction potential for AINMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002DRIFTS study of acetone adsorption over AlPON catalystsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002High temperature mechanical behavior of silicon nitride ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002High temperature oxidation of a high N, high Si, Mn free austenitic stainless steelMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Incorporation of nitrogen into AlPON and mixed MAlPON(M=Ga, In, Ti): Effects on structure and thermal stabilityMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Materials Science Forum: ForewordMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Measurement of (p,p) elastic cross-sections for 14N and 27Al at laboratory angles of 178° and 140° in the range 0.5 2.5 MeVMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Preparation of Si3N4 from carbothermal reduction of SiO employing the CRTA methodMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2001Deconvolution of X-ray diffraction profiles using series expansion: A line-broadening study of polycrystalline 9-YSZMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2001Native and irradiation-induced defects in SiO2 structures studied by positron annihilation techniquesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron annihilation in diamondMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron annihilation in gaseous nitrided cold-rolled FeNiTi filmsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron beam analysis of polymer/metal interfaces under stressMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2001Positronium fractions and cavity sizes derived from 1- and 2-detector Doppler broadening spectraMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000Ab initio and experimental studies on the structure of amorphous aluminophosphate oxynitrides (AIPON)Materials Science Forum
Artículo2000Surface stability of amorphous aluminophosphate oxynitrides (AlPON)Materials Science Forum
Artículo2000Synthesis of MIBK from acetone in a single step over Ni/AlPON catalystsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000The crystalline structure of germanium oxynitrides within the CdZnGeON familyMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000XPS and DRIFTS study of cerium in Ce-Si-Al-O-N glassesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1999Superplasticity of YTZP: Application to the join of ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1999The influence of the threshold stress in the superplastic flow of YSZPMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1998Crystallization behaviour of (Fe,Co)SiB-CuNb alloysMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Cation lattice diffusion in yttria-stabilized zirconia deduced from deformation studiesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Constitutive equation for superplastic flow of fine-grained yttria-stabilized zirconia polycrystalsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Creep transients in YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductorsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia1995Amorphous to nanocrystalline transformation of a FINEMET-type alloyMaterials Science Forum