Publicaciones en la fuente METALS

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Artículo2021Analysis of the main aspects affecting bonding in stainless steel rebars embedded in a hydraulic mediumMETALS
Artículo2021Biocompatibility and cellular behavior of tinbta alloy with adapted rigidity for the replacement of bone tissueMETALS
Artículo2021Biofunctionalization of porous ti substrates coated with ag nanoparticles for potential antibacterial behaviorMETALS
Revisión2021Capacitor electrical discharge consolidation of metallic powders—A reviewMETALS
Artículo2021Do titanium mini-implants have the same quality of finishing and degree of contamination before and after different manipulations? An in vitro studyMETALS
Artículo2021Effect of milling parameters on the development of a nanostructured FCC–TiNb15Mn alloy via high-energy ball millingMETALS
Artículo2021Influence of successive chemical and thermochemical treatments on surface features of Ti6Al4V samples manufactured by SLMMETALS
Revisión2021Influence of the total porosity on the properties of sintered materials-A reviewMETALS
Artículo2021Kinetic analysis of the transformation from 14M martensite to L21 austenite in Ni-Fe-Ga melt spun ribbonsMETALS
Artículo2021Medium‐frequency electrical resistance sintering of soft magnetic powder metallurgy iron partsMETALS
Revisión2021Pulsed laser welding applied to metallic materials-a material approachMETALS
Artículo2021Superficial Characteristics and Functionalization Effectiveness of Non-Toxic Glutathione-Capped Magnetic, Fluorescent, Metallic and Hybrid Nanoparticles for Biomedical ApplicationsMETALS
Artículo2021Synergistic effect of rhbmp‐2 protein and nanotextured titanium alloy surface to improve osteogenic implant propertiesMETALS
Artículo2021Tube expansion by single point incremental forming: an experimental and numerical investigationMETALS
Artículo2020A comparison of photoelastic and finite elements analysis in internal connection and bone level dental implantsMETALS
Artículo2020Bone loss in bruxist patients wearing dental implant prostheses: A finite element analysisMETALS
Artículo2020Crystallization process and microstructural evolution of melt spun Al-RE-Ni-(Cu) ribbonsMETALS
Artículo2020Development of a tinbtamozr-based high entropy alloy with low young´s modulus by mechanical alloying routeMETALS
Revisión2020Distribution of transition temperatures in magnetic transformations: Sources, effects and procedures to extract information from experimental dataMETALS
Artículo2020Effect of processing atmosphere and secondary operations on the mechanical properties of additive manufactured AISI 316L stainless steel by plasma metal depositionMETALS
Artículo2020Finite element analysis of ball burnishing on ball-end milled surfaces considering their original topology and residual stressMETALS
Artículo2020In vitro and in vivo study of titanium grade IV and titanium grade v implants with different surface treatmentsMETALS
Artículo2020In vitro bone cell behavior on porous titanium samples: Influence of porosity by loose sintering and space holder techniquesMETALS
Artículo2020Influence of processing parameters on the conduct of electrical resistance sintering of iron powdersMETALS
Artículo2020Influence of temperature on mechanical properties of AMCsMETALS
Artículo2020Influence of the test configuration and temperature on the mechanical behaviour of WC-CoMETALS
Artículo2020New bactericide orthodonthic archwire: NiTi with silver nanoparticlesMETALS
Artículo2020Porous titanium cylinders obtained by the freeze- casting technique: Influence of process parameters on porosity and mechanical behaviorMETALS
Artículo2020Processing by Additive Manufacturing Based on Plasma Transferred Arc of Hastelloy in Air and Argon AtmosphereMETALS
Artículo2020Reaction layer analysis of in situ reinforced titanium composites: Influence of the starting material composition on the mechanical propertiesMETALS
Artículo2020Setting the basis for the interpretation of temperature first order reversal curve (TFORC) distributions of magnetocaloric materialsMETALS
Artículo2020Study of the effect of the floating die compaction on mechanical properties of titanium foamsMETALS
Artículo2020Surface modification of porous titanium discs using femtosecond laser structuringMETALS
Artículo2020Use of impedance spectroscopy for the characterization of in-vitro osteoblast cell response in porous titanium bone implantsMETALS
Artículo2019Amorphous Al-Ti powders prepared by mechanical alloying and consolidated by electrical resistance sinteringMETALS
Artículo2019Balancing porosity and mechanical properties of titanium samples to favor cellular growth against bacteriaMETALS
Artículo2019Directed irradiation synthesis as an advanced plasma technology for surface modification to activate porous and “as-received” titanium surfacesMETALS
Artículo2019Effects of Boron Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-Co Based CermetsMETALS
Artículo2019External connection versus internal connection in dental implantology. A mechanical in vitro studyMETALS
Artículo2019Fretting-Fatigue Analysis of Shot-Peened Al 7075-T651 Test SpecimensMETALS
Artículo2019Hard metal production by ERS: processing parameter roles in final propertiesMETALS
Artículo2019Influence of the compaction pressure and sintering temperature on the mechanical properties of porous titanium for biomedical applicationsMETALS
Artículo2019Influence of Thermal and Magnetic History on Direct Delta T-ad Measurements of Ni49+xMn36-xIn15 Heusler AlloysMETALS
Artículo2019Mechanical amorphization and recrystallization of Mn-Co(Fe)-Ge(Si) compositionsMETALS
Artículo2019Porous Titanium Surfaces to Control Bacteria Growth: Mechanical Properties and Sulfonated Polyetheretherketone Coatings as Antibiofouling ApproachesMETALS
Artículo2019Production of ultrafine grained hardmetals by electrical resistance sinteringMETALS
Artículo2018Medium-Frequency Electrical Resistance Sintering of Oxidized CP Iron PowderMETALS
Artículo2018Microstructural and XRD Analysis and Study of the Properties of the System Ti-TiAl-B4C Processed under Different Operational ConditionsMETALS
Artículo2018On the Use of JMAK Theory to Describe Mechanical Amorphization: A Comparison between Experiments, Numerical Solutions and SimulationsMETALS
Artículo2017A Method to Determine the Electrical Resistance of a Metallic Powder Mass under CompressionMETALS
Artículo2017On the Use of Maximum Force Criteria to Predict Localised Necking in Metal Sheets under Stretch-BendingMETALS
Artículo2017Revisiting Formability and Failure of AISI304 Sheets in SPIF: Experimental Approach and Numerical ValidationMETALS
Artículo2017Study of the Influence of TiB Content and Temperature in the Properties of In Situ Titanium Matrix CompositesMETALS
Artículo2016Influence of Milling Atmosphere on the Controlled Formation of Ultrafine Dispersoids in Al-Based MMCsMETALS