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Ponencia2021Synchronization on a limit cycle of multi-agent systems governed by discrete-time switched affine DynamicsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A Backstepping-based observer for estimation of thermoacoustic oscillations in a Rijke tube with in-domain measurementsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A comparison of machine learning techniques for LNG pumps fault prediction in regasification plantsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A modifier-adaptation approach to the one-layer economic MPCIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A modular feedback approach for distributed controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A new model to compare intelligent asset management platforms (IAMP)IFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A nonlinear distributed model predictive scheme for systems based on Hammerstein modelIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A probabilistic validation approach for penalty function design in stochastic model predictive controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020A topology-switching coalitional control and observation scheme with stability guaranteesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Actuation attacks on constrained linear systems: a set-theoretic analysisIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020An LMI-based approach for semivalues constraints in coalitional feedback controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Chance-constrained MPC for voronoi-based multi-agent system deploymentIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Coalitional MPC with predicted topology transitionsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Distributed linear quadratic regulator robust to communication dropoutsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Efficient design of fault detection architectures for power networks by using game theoryIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Energy-efficiency-oriented gradient-based economic predictive control of multiple-chiller cooling systemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Low cost two-wheels self-balancing robot for control education powered by stepper motorsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020No-regret learning for coalitional model predictive controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Online learning robust MPC: an exploration-exploitation approachIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Output feedback control of radially-dependent reaction-diffusion PDEs on balls of arbitrary dimensionsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020PLC implementation of a real-time embedded MPC algorithm based on linear input/output modelsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Power quality management of interconnected microgrids using model predictive controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Real-time optimization of periodic systems: a modifier-adaptation approachIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Results on distributed state estimation for LTI systems facing communication failuresIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Spatial estimation of solar radiation using geostatistics and machine learning techniquesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Stabilization of switched affine systems via multiple shifted Lyapunov functionsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2020Suboptimal multirate MPC for five-level invertersIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019A Lightsaber to Introduce Students to MicrocontrollersIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019An Event-Triggered Predictive Controller for Spacecraft Rendezvous Hovering PhasesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Criticality Analysis for Network Utilities Asset ManagementIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Folding Backstepping Approach to Parabolic PDE Bilateral Boundary ControlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Framework to support Models for Manufacturing (MfM) methodologyIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Implementing Intelligent Asset Management Systems (IAMS) within an Industry 4.0 Manufacturing EnvironmentIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Integration of fossil fuel-based with bio-based industries: the use of waste streams and biomass to produce syngas and added value productsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019LPV-filtered predictive control design for fault-tolerant energy managementIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2019Modeling bounded random fluctuations in biological systems: application to the chemostat model with two speciesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018A Flatness-Based Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Rendezvous of Single-Thruster SpacecraftIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018A new macroscopic model for Variable Speed LimitsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018A Predictive Guidance Algorithm for Autonomous Asteroid Soft LandingIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Advanced Techniques for Assets Maintenance ManagementIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Benchmark for PID control of Refrigeration Systems based on Vapour CompressionIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Cooperative Aerial Load Transport with Force ControlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Criticality Analysis for improving maintenance, felling and pruning cycles in power linesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Data-based predictive control via direct weight optimizationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Gain Scheduling Model Predictive Control of the New TCP-100 Parabolic Trough FieldIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Life lessons from and for distributed MPC - Part 1: Dynamics of cooperationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Life lessons from and for distributed MPC - Part 2: Choice of decision makersIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Artículo2018LPV-H∞ Fault Estimation for Boilers in Sugarcane Processing Plants⁎IFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Nonlinear H-2 and H-infinity control formulated in the Sobolev space for mechanical systemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Optimization and Cascade Robust Temperature Control of a Refrigerated ChamberIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Optimization of olive-oil extraction using nonlinear H-infinity controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Robust and Decoupling Approach to PID Control of Vapour-compression Refrigeration SystemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Robust Data-Based Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Constrained SystemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Robust Periodic Economic Model Predictive Control using Probabilistic Set Invariance for Descriptor SystemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Singular Perturbation Control for the Longitudinal and Lateral-Directional Flight Dynamics of a UAVIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Stability of Gaussian Process Learning Based Output Feedback Model Predictive ControlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2018Tracking MPC with non-convex steady state admissible setsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Advanced Control for Energy Management of Grid-Connected Hybrid Power Systems in the Sugar Cane IndustryIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Boundary control of a Rijke Tube using irrational transfer functions with experimental validationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Distributed consensus-based Kalman filtering considering subspace decompositionIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Distributed implementation and design for state estimationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Distributed Zonotopic Set-Membership State Estimation based on Optimization Methods with Partial ProjectionIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Hybrid control scheme for a half-bridge inverterIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Learning-based Nonlinear Model Predictive ControlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Low cost two-wheels self-balancing robot for control educationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Mobile Model Predictive Control for the Evora irrigation test canalIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Optimum Control of Parabolic Trough Solar Fields with Partial RadiationIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Periodic Nonlinear Economic Model Predictive Control with Changing Horizon for Water Distribution NetworksIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2017Predictive Control with On-Off actuators of Partially Fading Memory SystemsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016An Approach to Risk Quantification Based on Pseudo-Random Failure RatesIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Boundary control of a singular reaction-diffusion equation on a diskIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Boundary control of coupled reaction-diffusion systems with spatially-varying reactionIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Boundary Feedback Control of Unstable thermoacoustic Oscillations in the Rijke TubeIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Building Information Modeling as Assest Management ToolIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Case Study based on Inequality Indices for the Assessments of Industrial FleetsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Criticality Analysis for optimising OPEX cost lifecycleIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2016Towards Dynamic Criticality-Based Maintenance Strategy for Industrial AssetsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015A Matlab Educational GUI for Analysis of GNSS Coverage and PrecisionIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Application of Periodic Economic MPC to a Grid-Connected Micro-GridIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Autonomous path tracking control design for a comercial quadcopterIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Combined stochastic and deterministic interval predictorIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Editorial2015ForewordIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Artículo2015ForewordIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Guaranteed quadrotor position estimation based on GPS refreshing measurementsIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Image deblurring in roll angle estimation for vision enhanced AAV controlIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Model predictive control for spacecraft rendezvous in elliptical orbits with on/off thrustersIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Model Predictive Control in Solar Trough Plants: A ReviewIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Modeling and control of the tPVTOLIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Problem Based Learning Case in a Control Undergraduate SubjectIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Project Based Learning Methodologies Applied to Large Groups of Students: Airplane Design in a Concurrent Engineering ContextIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Singular perturbation control of the lateral-directional flight dynamics of an UAVIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Trajectory tracking for fixed-wing UAV using model predictive control and adaptive backsteppingIFAC PAPERSONLINE
Ponencia2015Virtual assistant for individualized practical training on controller designIFAC PAPERSONLINE