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Artículo2022Albedo influence on the microclimate and thermal comfort of courtyards under Mediterranean hot summer climate conditionsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2022Evaluation model of the economic-environmental impact on housing recovery. Application in the city of Seville, SpainSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2022Improving habitability in social housing through passive cooling: a case study in Mengíbar (Jaén, Spain)SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2022Integrating courtyard microclimate in building performance to mitigate extreme urban heat impactsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2022Towards a built environment without physical barriers: an accessibility assessment procedure and action protocol for social housing occupied by the elderlySUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2021Addressing the potential for improvement of urban building stock: a protocol applied to a Mediterranean Spanish caseSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2021Holistic model for the assessment of restoration projects of heritage housing. Case studies in LisbonSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2021Influence of the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) scenarios on the bioclimatic design strategies of the built environmentSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2021Potential of applying adaptive strategies in buildings to reduce the severity of fuel poverty according to the climate zone and climate change: the case of AndalusiaSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2021Urban and social vulnerability assessment in the built environment: an interdisciplinary index-methodology towards feasible planning and policy-making under a crisis contextSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Analyzing the urban heat Island: Comprehensive methodology for data gathering and optimal design of mobile transectsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Comparison of artificial intelligence algorithms to estimate sustainability indicatorsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Evaluation of indoor environment and energy performance of dwellings in heritage buildings. The case of hot summers in historic cities in Mediterranean EuropeSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Housing and neighbourhood diagnosis for ageing in place: Multidimensional Assessment System of the Built Environment (MASBE)SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Influence of adaptive energy saving techniques on office buildings located in cities of the Iberian PeninsulaSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Influence of future climate changes scenarios on the feasibility of the adaptive comfort model in JapanSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Place and memory indicator: Methodology for the formulation of a qualitative indicator, named place and memory, with the intent of contributing to previous works of intervention and restoration of heritage spaces and buildings, in the aspect of sustainabilitySUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2020Urban-scale air temperature estimation: development of an empirical model based on mobile transectsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019A budget for the ecological footprint of buildings is possible: A case study using the dwelling construction cost database of AndalusiaSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019Predictive models for airtightness in social housing in a Mediterranean regionSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019Promoting urban regeneration and aging in place: APRAM – An interdisciplinary method to support decision-making in building renovationSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019Self-sufficient renewable energy supply in urban areas: Application to the city of SevilleSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019Sustainability, prefabrication and building optimization under different durability and re-using scenarios: Potential of dry precast structural connectionsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2019Tempering potential-based evaluation of the courtyard microclimate as a combined function of aspect ratio and outdoor temperatureSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2018Analytical study on design deficiencies in the envelope projects of healthcare buildings in SpainSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2018Building automation system with adaptive comfort in mixed mode buildingsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2018Sustainable building renovation for an ageing population: Decision support system through an integral assessment method of architectural interventionsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2017SPlant biomass ashes in cement-based building materials. Feasibility as eco-efficient structural mortars and groutsSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY
Artículo2017Towards a feasible strategy in Mediterranean building renovation through a multidisciplinary approachSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY