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Artículo2022Mobile sensor for clouds shadow detection and direct normal irradiance estimationSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021A light clustering model predictive control approach to maximize thermal power in solar parabolic-trough plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021Degradation analysis of photovoltaic modules after operating for 22 years. A case study with comparisonsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021Hierarchical set-point optimization and feedforward strategy for collector defocusing of a solar plantSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021Impact of domestic PV systems in the day-ahead Iberian electricity marketSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021Network impact of increasing distributed PV hosting: a utility-scale case studySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2021Spatial irradiance estimation in a thermosolar power plant by a mobile robot sensor networkSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Auto-calibration method for high concentration sun trackersSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Behaviour of a concrete wall containing micro‐encapsulated PCM after a decade of its constructionSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Centralized and distributed Model Predictive Control for the maximization of the thermal power of solar parabolic-trough plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Corrección2020Erratum to “Techno-economic assessment of thermal energy storage solutions for a 1 MWe CSP-ORC power plant” [Sol. Energy 140 (2016) 206–218](S0038092X16305230)(10.1016/j.solener.2016.11.007)SOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Impact of daylight saving time on lighting energy consumption and on the biological clock for occupants in office buildingsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Improving durability of silicone-based paint coatings used in solar power plants by controlling consolidation proceduresSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2020Parabolic Trough Collector Defocusing Analysis: Two control stages vs four control stagesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Adaptive incremental state space MPC for collector defocusing of a parabolic trough plantSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Continuous optimisation techniques for optimal aiming strategies in solar power tower plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Daylighting design for healthy environments: Analysis of educational spaces for optimal circadian stimulusSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Effect of the impurity magnesium nitrate in the thermal decomposition of the solar saltSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Effects of sodium nitrate concentration on thermophysical properties of solar salts and on the thermal energy storage costSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Generation of synthetic solar datasets for risk analysisSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Numerical and experimental validation of the solar radiation transfer for an egg-crate shading device under Mediterranean climate conditionsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Thermal balance of large scale parabolic trough plants: A case studySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2019Towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Shape optimization of typical housing typologies in Ibero-American temperate climate cities from a holistic perspectiveSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018Event-based MPC for defocusing and power production of a parabolic trough plant under power limitationSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018High frequency generation of coupled GHI and DNI based on clustered Dynamic PathsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018Methodology to synthetically downscale DNI time series from 1-h to 1-min temporal resolution with geographic flexibilitySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018On the optimization of flux distribution with flat receivers: A distributed approachSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018Optimal control applied to distributed solar collector fields with partial radiationSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018Temperature homogenization of a solar trough field for performance improvementSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2018Thermal energy storage evaluation in direct steam generation solar plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017A comparison of closed-form and finite-element solutions for heat transfer in a nearly horizontal, unglazed flat plate PVT water collector: Performance assessmentSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Assessment of the photovoltaic potential at urban level based on 3D city models: A case study and new methodological approachSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Classification of days according to DNI profiles techniques using clusteringSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Multicycle activity of natural CaCO3 minerals for thermochemical energy storage in Concentrated Solar Power plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Optimal scheduling of grid-connected PV plants with energy storage for integration in the electricity marketSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Optimum operating temperature of parabolic trough solar fieldsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2017Setting intelligent city tiling strategies for urban shading simulationsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016A statistical characterization of the long-term solar resource: Towards risk assessment for solar power projectsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016Aerodynamics of new solar parametric troughs: Two dimensional and three dimensional single module numerical analysisSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016Performance analysis of a micro gas turbine and solar dish integrated system under different solar-only and hybrid operating conditionsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016Solar resource assessment in Seville, Spain. Statistical characterisation of solar radiation at different time resolutionsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016Techno-economic assessment of thermal energy storage solutions for a 1 MWe CSP-ORC power plantSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2016Temperature distribution and heat losses in molten salts tanks for CSP plantsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2015An improved model for the synthetic generation of high temporal resolution direct normal irradiation time seriesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2015Analysis of the accuracy of the sky component calculation in daylighting simulation programsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2015Heat loss from thermal energy storage ventilated tank foundationsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2013Hybrid modeling of a solar-thermal heating facilitySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2013Mathematical modeling of a PCM storage tank in a solar cooling plantSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2013Observer-based Model Predictive Control of a parabolic-trough fieldSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2013Optimal operation in solar trough plants: A case studySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2013Predictive method of the sky component in a courtyard under overcast sky conditionsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2012Estimation of effective solar irradiation using an unscented Kalman filter in a parabolic-trough fieldSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2010Characterization of Ti1-xAlxN coatings with selective IR reflectivitySOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2010Solar absorption cooling plant in SevilleSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2008Serial grey-box model of a stratified thermal tank for hierarchical control of a solar plantSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2007A single-thin-film model for the angle dependent optical properties of coated glazingsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2007A survey on control schemes for distributed solar collector fields. Part 1: Modeling and basic control approachesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2007A survey on control schemes for distributed solar collector fields. Part II: Advanced control approachesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2006Control scheme for direct steam generation in parabolic troughs under recirculation operation modeSOLAR ENERGY
Ponencia2005Control concepts for direct steam generation in parabolic troughsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2005Solar radiation calculation methodology for building exterior surfacesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2004An artificial vision-based control system for automatic heliostat positioning offset correction in a central receiver solar power plantSOLAR ENERGY
Revisión2003Renewable energy applications in desalination: state of the artSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2003Some consequences from the thermodynamics of the synthesis of solar fuelsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo2001Experimental work and analysis of confined urban spacesSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo1999Heuristic knowledge-based heliostat field control for the optimization of the temperature distribution in a volumetric receiverSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo1999Minimum gross and net environmental thermal impacts of solar fuels synthesisSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo1999Minimum solar radiation requirements for solar fuels synthesisSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo1991CESA-1 project capabilities for high-temperature material testing: application to the HERMES wing leading edge testsSOLAR ENERGY
Artículo1991CESA-1 thermal storage system evaluationSOLAR ENERGY