Publicaciones en la fuente NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Properties of polyplexes formed between a cationic polymer derived from l-arabinitol and nucleic acidsNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo20203-Amino-1-propanol and N-methylaminoethanol: coordination to zinc(ii) vs. decomposition to ammoniaNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Synthesis of chiral iron-based ionic liquids: modelling stable hybrid materialsNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019Comparing conventional and microwave-assisted heating in PET degradation mediated by imidazolium-based halometallate complexesNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2018A theoretical study of the super exchange mechanism and magneto-structural relationships in the [Mn(iii)(2)(-F)F-4(Me(3)tacn)(2)](PF6) coordination compoundNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2017Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of sulfa-Michael adducts and thiochromenes derived from carbohydratesNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2016Understanding multivalent effects in glycosidase inhibition using C-glycoside click clusters as molecular probesNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2014Cyclodextrin-scaffolded amphiphilic aminoglucoside clusters: self-assembling and gene delivery capabilitiesNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2014Magnetic behaviour vs. structural changes in an isomeric series of binuclear copper(II) complexes: An experimental and theoretical studyNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2011Synthesis and reactivity of half-sandwich (eta(5)-C5Me5)Ir(III) complexes of a cyclometallated aryl phosphine ligandNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2006Estimation of the reorganization and reaction free energies for electron transfer processes from optical and thermal data. An application to the reaction [Fe-II(CN)(5)pzCo(III)(NH3)(5)]->[Fe-III(CN)(5)pzCo(II)(NH3)(5)]NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2005Novel carbon dioxide and carbonyl carbonate complexes of molybdenum. The X-ray structures of trans-[Mo(CO2)(2){HN(CH2CH2PMe2)(2)}(PMe3)] and [Mo-3(mu(2)-CO3)(mu(2)-O)(2)(O)(2)(CO)(2)(H2O)(PMe3)(6)]center dot H2ONEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2003C-H bond activation reactions by Tp(Me2)Ir(III) centres. Generation of Fischer-type carbenes and development of a catalytic system for H/D exchangeNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2001Study of the reaction 1-methoxy-4-(methylthio)benzene plus IO4-: importance of micellar medium effectsNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo2000Nature of the metal-carbon contacts in end-diamido d(0) metal complexesNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo1998A study of the electron-transfer reaction between Fe(CN)(2)(bpy)(2) and S2O82- in solvent mixtures: the translational component of solvent reorganizationNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo1998Medium effects on the electron transfer transition within the binuclear complex [(NH3)(5)Ru-III-NC-Ru-II(CN)(5)](-)NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Artículo1996The Use of Spectroscopic Data for the Interpretation of Solvet Effects on Electron Transfer ReactionsNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY