Publicaciones en la fuente DALTON TRANSACTIONS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Computational demonstration of isomer- and spin-state-dependent charge transport in molecular junctions composed of charge-neutral iron(II) spin-crossover complexes.DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2022Electrophilic activation of alkynes promoted by a cationic alkylidene complex of Pt(ii)DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2022Homochiral imidazolium-based dicarboxylate silver(I) compounds: synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial propertiesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2022LPdCl2(amine) complexes supported by terphenyl phosphanes: applications in aryl amination reactionsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2022Role of hydrazone substituents in determining the nuclearity and antibacterial activity of Zn(II) complexes with pyrazolone-based hydrazonesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2021A photo‐induced spin crossover based molecular switch and spin filter operating at room temperatureDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2021Helical donor-acceptor platinum complexes displaying dual luminescence and near-infrared circularly polarized luminescenceDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2021Magnetostructural relationships in [Ni(dmit)2] − radical anionsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Editorial2020Breaking bonds over many timescales: In celebration of Robin Perutz's 70th birthdayDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2020Hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of N-heterocycles catalyzed by ruthenium complexes based on multimodal proton-responsive CNN(H) pincer ligandsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2020Mn-I complex redox potential tunability by remote lewis acid interactionDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2020Proton-responsive naphthyridinone-based Ru(II )complexes and their reactivity with water and alcoholsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Aluminium(iii) dialkyl 2,6-bisimino-4R-dihydropyridinates(-1): selective synthesis, structure and controlled dimerizationDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Monomeric alkoxide and alkylcarbonate complexes of nickel and palladium stabilized with the (PCP)-P-iPr pincer ligand: a model for the catalytic carboxylation of alcohols to alkyl carbonatesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Palladium-mediated intramolecular dearomatization of ligated dialkylterphenyl phosphinesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Reactivity of a gold(i)/platinum(0) frustrated Lewis pair with germanium and tin dihalidesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Synthesis and structural characterization of homochiral coordination polymers with imidazole-based monocarboxylate ligandsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2019Theoretical study of the photoconduction and photomagnetism of the BPY[Ni(dmit)2]2 molecular crystalDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2018Halide encapsulation by dicarboxylate oxido-vanadium cage complexesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2018Hydroboration of carbon dioxide with catecholand pinacolborane using an Ir- CNP* pincer complex. Water influence on the catalytic activityDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2018N-Heterotricyclic cationic carbene ligands. Synthesis, reactivity and coordination chemistryDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2018Oxidoperoxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes with acylpyrazolonate ligands: synthesis, structure and catalytic propertiesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2018Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of arene-ruthenium(II) complexes with acylpyrazolones functionalized with aromatic groups in the acyl moietyDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2017Europium-doped NaGd(WO4)(2) nanophosphors: synthesis, luminescence and their coating with fluorescein for pH sensingDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2017Phosphine-functionalized NHC Ni(II) and Ni(0) complexes: synthesis, characterization and catalytic propertiesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2017Stabilisation of gold nanoparticles by N-heterocyclic thionesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2017Synthesis and structural characterization of homochiral 2D coordination polymers of zinc and copper with conformationally flexible ditopic imidazolium-based dicarboxylate ligandsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2016Chirality and catalysis with aromatic N-fused heterobicyclic carbenesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2016Synthesis, structure and reactivity of Pd and Ir complexes based on new lutidine-derived NHC/phosphine mixed pincer ligandsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2015Reductive lithium insertion into B-cation deficient niobium perovskite oxidesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2015Synthesis, characterization and structure of nickel and copper compounds containing ligands derived from keto-enehydrazines and their catalytic application for aerobic oxidation of alcoholsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2014Exchange interactions in [2 x 2] Cu(II) grids: on the reliability of the fitting spin modelsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2014Experimental and theoretical insights into the oxodiperoxomolybdenum-catalysed sulphide oxidation using hydrogen peroxide in ionic liquidsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2013Interaction between monomers of two surfactants derived from the [Ru(2,2 '-bpy)(3)](2+) complex and alpha, beta and gamma-cyclodextrins: formation of [2]- and [3]-pseudorotaxanesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2013On the influence of diphosphine ligands on the chemical order in small RuPt nanoparticles: combined structural and surface reactivity studiesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2013Silver-catalyzed silicon-hydrogen bond functionalization by carbene insertionDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2012Coordination of a diphosphine-phosphine oxide to Au, Ag and Rh: when polyfunctionality rhymes with versatilityDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2012epsilon-Keggin-based coordination networks: Synthesis, structure and application toward green synthesis of polyoxometalate@graphene hybridsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2012Hydrotris(3-mesitylpyrazolyl)borato-copper(I) alkyne complexes: synthesis, structural characterization and rationalization of their activities as alkyne cyclopropenation catalystsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2012Iridium(III) complexes with polypyridine ligands coordinated as N-heterocyclic carbenes. Synthesis, structure and photophysical propertiesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2012New insights into the mechanism of oxodiperoxomolybdenum catalysed olefin epoxidation and the crystal structures of several oxo-peroxo molybdenum complexesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2011Influence of N-donor bases and the solvent in oxodiperoxomolybdenum catalysed olefin epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide in ionic liquidsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2011Synthesis and characterization of metallodendritic palladium-biscarbene complexes derived from 1,1 '-methylenebis(1,2,4-triazole)DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2011Synthetic and structural studies of monocyclopentadienyl cyclometalated aryl tantalum(V) compoundsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2010A parahydrogen based NMR study of Pt catalysed alkyne hydrogenationDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2010Electrophilic activation and the formation of an unusual Tl+/Cr3+ tetranuclear ion-complex adductDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2010Palladium and iridium complexes with a N,P,N-bis(pyridine) phenylphosphine ligandDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2010Supercritical carbon dioxide, a new medium for aerobic alcohol oxidations catalysed by copper-TEMPODALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2010Synthesis and reactivity of molybdenum imido alkylidene bis-pyrazolide complexesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2009C-2-Symmetric S/C/S ligands based on N-heterocyclic carbenes: a new ligand architecture for asymmetric catalysisDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2009Metal fragment isomerisation upon grafting a d(2) ML4 perhydrocarbyl Os complex on a silica surface: origin and consequenceDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2009Nitrene transfer reactions catalysed by copper(I) complexes in ionic liquid using chloramine-TDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2009Palladium(II) carboxylates and palladium(I) carbonyl carboxylate complexes as catalysts for olefin cyclopropanation with ethyl diazoacetateDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2009Synthesis, structure and properties of [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyridin-3-ylidene rhodium and palladium complexesDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2008Dramatic enhancement of the alkene metathesis activity of Mo imido alkylidene complexes upon replacement of one tBuO by a surface siloxy ligandDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2008Palladium catalysed alkyne hydrogenation and oligomerisation: a parahydrogen based NMR investigationDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2007Access to well-defined isolated Fe(II) centers on silica and their use in oxidationDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2007Rhodium diphosphite pincer complexes. Rare preferred in-plane olefin conformation in square-planar compoundsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2006Synthesis, characterization and olefin/CO exchange reactions of pyrazolylborato complexes of copper(I)DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2006The carbene insertion methodology for the catalytic functionalization of unreactive hydrocarbons: no classical C-H activation, but efficient C-H functionalizationDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2005C-H bond activation and C-C bond formation in the reaction of 2,5-dimethylthiophene with Tp(Me2)Ir compoundsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2004Effect of trimethylsilyl substitution on the chemical properties of triarylphosphines and their corresponding metal-complexes: Solubilising effect in supercritical carbon dioxideDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2003Generation and reactivity of sterically hindered iridium carbenes. Competitive alpha- vs. beta-hydrogen elimination in iridium(III) alkylsDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2003Synthesis, molecular structure and properties of oxo-vanadium(IV) complexes containing the oxydiacetate ligandDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Artículo2003Trimethylsilyl-substituted ligands as solubilizers of metal complexes in supercritical carbon dioxideDALTON TRANSACTIONS