Publicaciones en la fuente WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2016Analytical Method for Biomonitoring of PAH Using Leaves of Bitter Orange Trees (Citrus aurantium): a Case Study in South SpainWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2016Heavy Metal Pollution Structures Soil Bacterial Community Dynamics in SW Spain Polluted Salt MarshesWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2015Effect of Glyphosate on Enzymatic Activities, Rhizobiaceae and Total Bacterial Communities in an Agricultural Tunisian SoilWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2014Effectiveness of the Aquatic Halophyte Sarcocornia perennis spp. perennis as a Biotool for Ecological Restoration of Salt MarshesWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2014Occurrence and Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of 14 Cytostatic Drugs in WastewaterWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2013Antioxidant Defenses and Trace Metal Bioaccumulation Capacity of Cymbula nigra (Gastropoda: Patellidae)WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2013Distribution and Risk Assessment of Pharmaceutical Compounds in River Sediments from Donana Park (Spain)WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2012Effectiveness of Conventional and Low-Cost Wastewater Treatments in the Removal of Pharmaceutically Active CompoundsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2012Influence of Soil and Climate Conditions on CO2 Emissions from Agricultural SoilsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2011Variations of Metal Availability and Bio-accessibility in Water-Logged Soils with Various Metal Contents: In Vitro ExperimentsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2010Fractionation and Distribution of Metals in Guadiamar River Sediments (SW Spain)WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2010Nutritional Status of Mediterranean Trees Growing in a Contaminated and Remediated AreaWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2009Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils Around the Abandoned Mine Sites of the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Southwest Spain)WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2009Trace Metal Availability in Soils Amended with Metal-Fixing Inorganic MaterialsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2009Transfer of Cd, Pb, Ra and U from Phosphogypsum Amended Soils to Tomato PlantsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2008Inorganic amendments to decrease metal availability in soils of recreational urban areas: Limitations to their efficiency and possible drawbacksWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2008Pruning residues as an alternative to traditional tillage to reduce erosion and pollutant dispersion in olive grovesWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2007Plant cover and control of diffuse pollution from P in olive grovesWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2006Nutrient and particulate inputs into the Mar Menor lagoon (Se Spain) from an intensive agricultural watershedWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2002Distribution of metal extractable fractions during anaerobic sludge treatment in southern spain WWTPsWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2002Distribution of Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu metals in groundwater of the Guadiamar River BasinWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo2000Assessment of metals in sediments in a tributary of Guadalquivir River (Spain). Heavy metal partitioning and relation between the water and sediment systemWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Artículo1995Remote mountain lakes as indicators of diffuse acidic and organic pollution in the Iberian peninsula (AL:PE 2 studies)WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION