Publicaciones en la fuente WATER RESEARCH

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Electrochemical tap water softening: A zero chemical input approachWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2012Biochemical and pathological toxic effects induced by the cyanotoxin Cylindrospermopsin on the human cell line Caco-2WATER RESEARCH
Artículo2012Self-bioremediation of cork-processing wastewaters by (chloro)phenol-degrading bacteria immobilised onto residual cork particlesWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2007Ecotoxicological effects of the antioxidant additive propyl gallate in five aquatic systemsWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2006Adsorption of p-nitrophenol on activated carbon fixed-bedWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2006Sediment phosphate composition in relation to emergent macrophytes in the Doñana Marshes (SW Spain)WATER RESEARCH
Artículo2004Experimental and modelling study on the uptake and desorption kinetics of Ba-133 by suspended estuarine sediments from southern SpainWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2001Experimental and modelling study of plutonium uptake by suspended matter in aquatic environments from southern SpainWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2000Bio-mineralization of organic matter in dairy wastewater, as affected by pH. The evolution ammonium and phosphatesWATER RESEARCH
Artículo2000Radioecological study of an estuarine system located in the south of SpainWATER RESEARCH
Artículo1997Model of long-term water-table dynamics at Donana National ParkWATER RESEARCH
Artículo1995Hydrochemical study of an aquifer system in an agricultural area in south-west SpainWATER RESEARCH
Artículo1994Study of struvite precipitation in anaerobic digestersWATER RESEARCH
Artículo1992Influence of clay-minerals, used as supports in anaerobic digesters, in the precipitation of struviteWATER RESEARCH