Publicaciones en la fuente EXTREMOPHILES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2014The Santa Pola saltern as a model for studying the microbiota of hypersaline environmentsEXTREMOPHILES
Otros2013In Memoriam: Morris Kates (1923-2013)EXTREMOPHILES
Revisión2013Systematic and biotechnological aspects of halophilic and halotolerant actinomycetesEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2012Bacterial and archaeal diversity in two hot spring microbial mats from the geothermal region of Tengchong, ChinaEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2008Nanoarchaeal 16S rRNA gene sequences are widely dispersed in hyperthermophilic and mesophilic halophilic environmentsEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2008Prokaryotic diversity in one of the largest hypersaline coastal lagoons in the worldEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2006A membrane-bound nitrate reductase encoded by the narGHJI operon is responsible for anaerobic respiration in Halomonas mauraEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2006Fatty acid and DNA analyses of Permian bacteria isolated from ancient salt crystals reveal differences with their modern relativesEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2004Bacterial diversity of the Inner Mongolian Baer Soda Lake as revealed by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysesEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2003Comparative genomic analysis of solvent extrusion pumps in Pseudomonas strains exhibiting different degrees of solvent toleranceEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2003Screening and characterization of the protease CP1 produced by the moderately halophilic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp strain CP76EXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2002Marinospirillum alkaliphilum sp nov., a new alkaliphilic helical bacterium from Haoji soda lake in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of ChinaEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2002Taxonomic characterization of Haloferax sp ("H-alicantei") strain Aa 2.2: description of Haloferax lucentensis sp nov.EXTREMOPHILES
Artículo2000Halomonas magadii sp. nov., a new member of the genus Halomonas, isolated from a soda lake of the East African Rift ValleyEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo1999Benjamin Elazari Volcani, 1915-1999 - In memoriamEXTREMOPHILES
Artículo1998Analysis of the genome of the gram-negative moderate halophiles Halomonas and Chromohalobacter by using pulsed-field gel electrophoresisEXTREMOPHILES
Revisión1998Moderately halophilic gram-positive bacterial diversity in hypersaline environmentsEXTREMOPHILES