Publicaciones en la fuente SOFT COMPUTING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Two deep learning approaches to forecasting disaggregated freight flows: convolutional and encoder–decoder recurrentSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2020Optimizing ligand conformations in flexible protein targets: a multi-objective strategySOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2020The impact of virtual reality technology on tourists' experience: a textual data analysisSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2019A two-step surrogate modeling strategy for single-objective and multi-objective optimization of radiofrequency circuitsSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2019An evolutionary approach to constrained path planning of an autonomous surface vehicle for maximizing the covered area of Ypacarai LakeSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2018Behavior patterns in hormonal treatments using fuzzy logic modelsSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2018HMADSO: a novel hill Myna and desert Sparrow optimization algorithm for cooperative rendezvous and task allocation in FANETsSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2017Solving the multi-objective path planning problem in mobile robotics with a firefly-based approachSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2015Computational efficiency and universality of timed P systems with membrane creationSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2015Hybrid PSO6 for hard continuous optimizationSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2014Multi-objective performance optimization of a probabilistic similarity/dissimilarity-based broadcasting scheme for mobile ad hoc networks in disaster response scenariosSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2012Metaheuristic optimization frameworks: a survey and benchmarkingSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2012The GPU on the simulation of cellular computing modelsSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011An evolutionary algorithm to discover quantitative association rules in multidimensional time seriesSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011epsilon-DANTE: an ant colony oriented depth search procedureSOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011Restart particle swarm optimization with velocity modulation: a scalability testSOFT COMPUTING
Editorial2005"Second brainstorming week on membrane computing" in Sevilla 2004SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2005A fast P system for finding a balanced 2-partitionSOFT COMPUTING