Publicaciones en la fuente SIGNAL PROCESSING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021L1-norm unsupervised Fukunaga-Koontz transformSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2018On the power spectral density applied to the analysis of old canvasesSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2017A new topological entropy-based approach for measuring similarities among piecewise linear functionsSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2017Formal deduction of a Volterra series model for complex-valued systemsSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2015Convergence study of a Bounded Component Analysis algorithmSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2014On nonlinear amplifier modeling and identification using baseband Volterra-Parafac modelsSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2014Short-time DFT computation by a modified radix-4 decimation-in-frequency algorithmSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2014The framework of P systems applied to solve optimal watermarking problemSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2012Efficient computation of the short-time DFT based on a modified radix-2 decimation-in-frequency algorithmSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2012Efficient real data filtering using complex-input discrete Fourier transformsSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2012Independent component analysis based on first-order statisticsSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2011Criterion for signal extraction in underdetermined mixtures of bounded supportSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2006Effective blind separation of skewed sourcesSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2004Eigendecomposition of self-tuned cumulant-matrices for blind source separationSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2004The convolution theorem for the continuous wavelet tranformSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2002New equations and iterative algorithm for blind separation of sourcesSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo1999Stability analysis of adaptive algorithms for blind source separation of convolutive mixturesSIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo1997Design of log FIR filtersSIGNAL PROCESSING