Publicaciones en la fuente PHARMACEUTICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021A biodegradable copolyester, poly(Butylene succinate-co-ε-caprolactone), as a high efficiency matrix former for controlled release of drugsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Amoxicillin and clarithromycin mucoadhesive delivery system for helicobacter pylori infection in a mouse model: characterization, pharmacokinetics, and efficacyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Biocompatible DNA/5-fluorouracil-gemini surfactant-functionalized gold nanoparticles as promising vectors in lung cancer therapyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Cationic single-chained surfactants with a functional group at the end of the hydrophobic tail DNA compacting efficiency.PHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Cholesterol levels affect the performance of aunps-decorated thermo-sensitive liposomes as nanocarriers for controlled doxorubicin deliveryPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Fe3O4-Au core-shell nanoparticles as a multimodal platform for in vivo imaging and focused photothermal therapyPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Generation of a biomimetic substitute of the corneal limbus using decellularized scaffoldsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Multivalent calixarene-based liposomes as platforms for gene and drug delivery.PHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2021Thiolated-polymer-based nanoparticles as an avant-garde approach for anticancer therapies—Reviewing thiomers from chitosan and hyaluronic acidPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2021Whole transcription profile of responders to anti-TNF drugs in pediatric inflammatory bowel diseasePHARMACEUTICS
Revisión20203D printed drug delivery systems based on natural productsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Evaluation of novel doxorubicin-loaded magnetic wax nanocomposite vehicles as cancer combinatorial therapy agentsPHARMACEUTICS
Revisión2020In-depth study into polymeric materials in low-density gastroretentive formulationsPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Metallo-liposomes of ruthenium used as promising vectors of genetic materialPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2020Nanoparticle-delivered HIV peptides to dendritic cells a promising approach to generate a therapeutic vaccinePHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019A non-viral plasmid DNA delivery system consisting on a lysine-derived cationic lipid mixed with a Fusogenic lipidPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Achieving High Excipient Efficiency with Elastic Thermoplastic Polyurethane by Ultrasound Assisted Direct CompressionPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Optimized preparation of levofloxacin loaded polymeric nanoparticlesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2019Preparation and Characterization of New Liposomes. Bactericidal Activity of Cefepime Encapsulated into Cationic LiposomesPHARMACEUTICS
Artículo2018Novel Findings about Double-Loaded Curcumin-in-HP beta cyclodextrin-in Liposomes: Effects on the Lipid Bilayer and Drug ReleasePHARMACEUTICS