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Letter2023Intraspecific variation in species interactions promotes the feasibility of mutualistic assemblages.ECOLOGY LETTERS
Letter2023Reciprocity and interaction effectiveness in generalised mutualisms among free-living species.ECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2022A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity researchECOLOGY LETTERS
Letter2022Globally, tree fecundity exceeds productivity gradientsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2022Phylogenetic congruence between Neotropical primates and plants is driven by frugivoryECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2022The ecological and evolutionary significance of effectiveness landscapes in mutualistic interactionsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2020Genetic correlations and ecological networks shape coevolving mutualismsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2019Human activity is altering the world's zoogeographical regionsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2018Seed-dispersal interactions in fragmented landscapes - a metanetwork approachECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2017A general framework for effectiveness concepts in mutualismsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2016Mass-flowering crops dilute pollinator abundance in agricultural landscapes across EuropeECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2014The potential for indirect effects between co-flowering plants via shared pollinators depends on resource abundance, accessibility and relatednessECOLOGY LETTERS
Editorial2013Addressing a critique of the TEASI framework for invasive species risk assessmentECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2013Why join groups? Lessons from parasite-manipulated ArtemiaECOLOGY LETTERS
Revisión2012TEASIng apart alien species risk assessments: a framework for best practicesECOLOGY LETTERS
Revisión2011Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta-analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystemsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2011Evolution and coevolution in mutualistic networksECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2008Switching behavior, coexistence and diversification: comparing empirical community-wide evidence with theoretical predictionsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2007Species richness and wood production: a positive association in Mediterranean forestsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2005Interaction frequency as a surrogate for the total effect of animal mutualists on plantsECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2003Invariant properties in coevolutionary networks of plant-animal interactionsECOLOGY LETTERS