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Artículo2021A coordinated control of offshore wind power and bess to provide power system flexibilityENERGIES
Artículo2021A powerful tool for optimal control of energy systems in sustainable buildings: Distortion power bivectorENERGIES
Artículo2021A thermal model for three-core armored submarine cables based on distributed temperature sensingENERGIES
Artículo2021Adaptive cost function FCSMPC for 6-phase IMsENERGIES
Artículo2021Advanced concrete steam accumulation tanks for energy storage for solar thermal electricityENERGIES
Artículo2021Business and energy efficiency in the age of industry 4.0: the hulten, broweus and Van Dijk sensory marketing model applied to Spanish textile stores during the COVID-19 crisisENERGIES
Revisión2021Centralized control of distribution networks with high penetration of renewable energiesENERGIES
Artículo2021Chiller load forecasting using hyper-gaussian netsENERGIES
Artículo2021Common-mode voltage harmonic reduction in variable speed drives applying a variable-angle carrier phase-displacement PWM methodENERGIES
Editorial2021Control of power electronics converters and electric motor drivesENERGIES
Artículo2021Eco-efficient ventilated facades based on circular economy for residential buildings as an improvement of energy conditionsENERGIES
Artículo2021FMEA and risks assessment for thermochemical energy storage systems based on carbonatesENERGIES
Artículo2021HVDC breaker power loss reduction by bridge-type hybrid breakersENERGIES
Artículo2021Impact of Spanish offshore wind generation in the Iberian electricity market: potential savings and policy implicationsENERGIES
Artículo2021Influence of population income on energy consumption for heating and its CO2 emissions in citiesENERGIES
Artículo2021Minimizing the computational effort to optimize solar concentrators with the Open-Source tools SunPATH and Tonatiuh plusENERGIES
Revisión2021Model predictive control for microgrid functionalities: review and future challengesENERGIES
Artículo2021Optimal micro-siting of weathervaning floating wind turbinesENERGIES
Artículo2021Optimal pitch angle strategy for energy maximization in offshore wind farms considering gaussian wake modelENERGIES
Artículo2021Realistic optimization of parallelogram-shaped offshore wind farms considering continuously distributed wind resourcesENERGIES
Artículo2021Renewable energy plants and business models: a new rural development perspectiveENERGIES
Revisión2021Series compensation of transmission systems: a literature surveyENERGIES
Artículo2021Sizing and management of energy storage systems in large-scale power plants using price control and artificial intelligenceENERGIES
Artículo2021Toward the renewal of the sustainable urban indicators’ system after a global health crisis. Practical application in Granada, SpainENERGIES
Artículo2021Use of 3D-FEM tools to improve loss allocation in three-core armored cablesENERGIES
Artículo2020A coalitional model predictive control for the energy efficiency of next-generation cellular networksENERGIES
Artículo2020A high-gain observer-based adaptive super-twisting algorithm for DC-link voltage control of NPC convertersENERGIES
Artículo2020A stochastic MPC based energy management system for simultaneous participation in continuous and discrete prosumer-To-prosumer energy marketsENERGIES
Artículo2020A survey on bidirectional DC/DC power converter topologies for the future hybrid and all electric aircraftsENERGIES
Artículo2020Analysis of the relationship of the improvement of façades and thermal bridges of spanish building stock with the mitigation of its energy and environmental impactENERGIES
Revisión2020Ancillary services market design in distribution networks: review and identification of barriersENERGIES
Artículo2020Catalytic conversion of palm oil to bio-hydrogenated diesel over novel N-doped activated carbon supported Pt nanoparticlesENERGIES
Artículo2020Catalytic steam reforming of toluene: understanding the influence of the main reaction parameters over a reference catalystENERGIES
Artículo2020Compensated load flow solutions for distribution system state estimationENERGIES
Artículo2020Effect on the thermal properties of mortar blocks by using recycled glass and its application for social dwellingsENERGIES
Revisión2020Efficient FPSoc prototyping of FCS-MPC for three-phase voltage source invertersENERGIES
Artículo2020Energy demand forecasting using deep learning: Applications for the French gridENERGIES
Artículo2020Grid code-dependent frequency control optimization in multi-terminal DC networksENERGIES
Artículo2020Grid-tied distributed generation systems to sustain the smart grid transformation: Tariff analysis and generation sharingENERGIES
Artículo2020High channel density ceramic microchannel reactor for syngas productionENERGIES
Artículo2020High technology readiness level techniques for brushless direct current motors failures detection: A systematic reviewENERGIES
Artículo2020Hybrid machine learning models for classifying power quality disturbances: a comparative studyENERGIES
Artículo2020Implementation of modeling tools for teaching biorefinery (focused on bioethanol production) in biochemical engineering courses: dynamic modeling of batch, semi-batch, and continuous well-stirred bioreactorsENERGIES
Artículo2020Influence of degradation processes in lead-acid batteries on the technoeconomic analysis of photovoltaic systemsENERGIES
Artículo2020Integral sliding-mode control-based direct power control for three-level NPC convertersENERGIES
Artículo2020Maintenance management through Intelligent Asset Management Platforms (IAMP). Emerging factors, key impact areas and data modelsENERGIES
Artículo2020Methodology to evaluate the embodied primary energy and CO2 production at each stage of the life cycle of prefabricated structural systems: the case of the solar decathlon competitionENERGIES
Artículo2020Modeling, simulation and optimal operation of multi-extraction packed-bed thermal storage systemsENERGIES
Artículo2020Operational simulation environment for SCADA integration of renewable resourcesENERGIES
Artículo2020Optimal under-frequency load shedding setting at Altai-Uliastai regional power system, MongoliaENERGIES
Artículo2020Power System Hardware in the Loop (PSHIL): A Holistic Testing Approach for Smart Grid TechnologiesENERGIES
Artículo2020Real-Time Control of Plug-in Electric Vehicles for Congestion Management of Radial LV Networks: A Comparison of ImplementationsENERGIES
Artículo2020Real-time selective harmonic mitigation technique for power converters based on the exchange market algorithmENERGIES
Artículo2020The Role of Innovation in Industry Product Deployment: Developing Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar PowerENERGIES
Artículo2020Utilization of boiler slag from pulverized-coal-combustion power plants in china for manufacturing acoustic materialsENERGIES
Artículo2019A Process to Implement an Artificial Neural Network and Association Rules Techniques to Improve Asset Performance and Energy EfficiencyENERGIES
Revisión2019A Survey on Optimization Techniques Applied to Magnetic Field Mitigation in Power SystemsENERGIES
Artículo2019Accurate assessment of decoupled OLTC transformers to optimize the operation of low-voltage networksENERGIES
Artículo2019Adaptive Comfort Control Implemented Model (ACCIM) for energy consumption predictions in dwellings under current and future climate conditions: a case study located in SpainENERGIES
Artículo2019An evolutionary computational approach for designing micro hydro power plantsENERGIES
Artículo2019An evolutionary computational approach for the problem of unit commitment and economic dispatch in microgrids under several operation modesENERGIES
Revisión2019Ancillary services in hybrid AC/DC low voltage distribution networksENERGIES
Artículo2019Assessment of a universal reconfiguration-less control approach in open-phase fault operation for multiphase drivesENERGIES
Artículo2019Biogas upgrading via dry reforming over a Ni-Sn/CeO2-Al2O3 catalyst: influence of the biogas sourceENERGIES
Artículo2019Constraint satisfaction in current control of a five-phase drive with locally tuned predictive controllersENERGIES
Artículo2019Crack Patterns in Heterogenous Rocks Using a Combined Phase Field-Cohesive Interface Modeling Approach: A Numerical StudyENERGIES
Artículo2019Daylighting performance of solar control films for hospital buildings in a Mediterranean climateENERGIES
Artículo2019Design and simulation of an energy homeostaticity system for electric and thermal power management in a building with smart microgridENERGIES
Artículo2019Distributed charging prioritization methodology based on evolutionary computation and virtual power plants to integrate electric vehicle fleets on smart gridsENERGIES
Artículo2019Effect of airtightness on thermal loads in legacy low-income housingENERGIES
Artículo2019Efficient model predictive control with natural fault-tolerance in asymmetrical six-phase induction machinesENERGIES
Artículo2019Estimating adaptive setpoint temperatures using weather stationsENERGIES
Artículo2019Failure Detection by Signal Similarity Measurement of Brushless DC MotorsENERGIES
Artículo2019Feasibility Study of Freeze Recovery Options in Parabolic Trough Collector Plants Working with Molten Salt as Heat Transfer FluidENERGIES
Artículo2019Framework for Managing Maintenance of Wind Farms Based on a Clustering Approach and Dynamic Opportunistic MaintenanceENERGIES
Artículo2019Hybrid Nonlinear MPC of a Solar Cooling PlantENERGIES
Artículo2019Incremental state-space model predictive control of a fresnel solar collector fieldENERGIES
Artículo2019Indoor air quality assessment: comparison of ventilation scenarios for retrofitting classrooms in a hot climateENERGIES
Artículo2019Integrated Control and Modulation for Three-Level NPC RectifiersENERGIES
Revisión2019Integration of Large Scale PV-Based Generation into Power Systems: A SurveyENERGIES
Artículo2019Interest and Applicability of Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in the Electrical Parameter Identification of Multiphase MachinesENERGIES
Artículo2019Long-term demand forecasting in a scenario of energy transitionENERGIES
Artículo2019Long-Term Evaluation of Mesophilic Semi-Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Olive Mill Solid Waste Pretreated with Steam-ExplosionENERGIES
Artículo2019Mathematical modeling of the mojave solar plantsENERGIES
Artículo2019Min-max predictive control of a five-phase induction machineENERGIES
Artículo2019Model-Based Predictive Current Controllers in Multiphase Drives Dealing with Natural Reduction of Harmonic DistortionENERGIES
Artículo2019Optimal Scheduling of Energy Storage Using A New Priority-Based Smart Grid Control MethodENERGIES
Artículo2019Optimization of Oleuropein and Luteolin-7-O-Glucoside Extraction from Olive Leaves by Ultrasound-Assisted TechnologyENERGIES
Artículo2019Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Thermal Comfort in A Building Category: The Case of Linear-type Social Housing Stock in Southern SpainENERGIES
Artículo2019Production of Oxygenated Fuel Additives from Residual Glycerine Using Biocatalysts Obtained from Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Jatropha curcas L. RootsENERGIES
Revisión2019Review and Comparison of Intelligent Optimization Modelling Techniques for Energy Forecasting and Condition-Based Maintenance in PV PlantsENERGIES
Artículo2019Systematic Simplified Simulation Methodology for Deep Energy Retrofitting Towards Nze Targets Using Life Cycle Energy AssessmentENERGIES
Artículo2018Benefits of Medium Temperature Solar Concentration Technologies as Thermal Energy Source of Industrial Processes in SpainENERGIES
Artículo2018Big Data Analytics for Discovering Electricity Consumption Patterns in Smart CitiesENERGIES
Artículo2018Computational Modeling of Gurney Flaps and Microtabs by POD MethodENERGIES
Artículo2018Cooling Process Analysis of a 5-Drum System for Radioactive Waste ProcessingENERGIES
Artículo2018Cross-border energy exchange and renewable premiums: the case of the Iberian systemENERGIES
Editorial2018Data Science and Big Data in Energy ForecastingENERGIES
Artículo2018Daylight Spectrum Index: A New Metric to Assess the Affinity of Light Sources with DaylightingENERGIES
Artículo2018Determining the U-value of facades using the thermometric method: potentials and limitationsENERGIES
Artículo2018Dynamic Daylight Metrics for Electricity Savings in Offices: Window Size and Climate Smart Lighting ManagementENERGIES
Artículo2018Economic Model Predictive Control with Nonlinear Constraint Relaxation for the Operational Management of Water Distribution NetworksENERGIES
Artículo2018Evaluation of Thermal Comfort Conditions in Retrofitted Facades Using Test Cells and Considering Overheating Scenarios in a Mediterranean ClimateENERGIES
Artículo2018Experimental Assessment of a Centralised Controller for High-RES Active Distribution NetworksENERGIES
Artículo2018Exploring the Interplay between CAD and FreeFem plus plus as an Energy Decision-Making Tool for Architectural DesignENERGIES
Artículo2018GIS-based methodology for evaluating the wind-energy potential of territories: a case study from Andalusia (Spain)ENERGIES
Artículo2018Impact of Energy Losses Due to Failures on Photovoltaic Plant Energy BalanceENERGIES
Artículo2018Methodology for the study of the envelope airtightness of residential buildings in Spain: a case studyENERGIES
Artículo2018On simplified 3D finite element simulations of three-core armored power cablesENERGIES
Artículo2018Patents analysis of thermal bridges in slab fronts and their effect on energy demandENERGIES
Artículo2018Productive Efficiency of Energy-Aware Data CentersENERGIES
Artículo2018Residential Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in AlgeriaENERGIES
Revisión2018Review of Reactors with Potential Use in Thermochemical Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Power PlantsENERGIES
Artículo2018Techno-Economic Analysis of Rural 4th Generation Biomass District HeatingENERGIES
Artículo2018Thermal 3D CFD Simulation with Active Transparent Facade in BuildingsENERGIES
Artículo2018Thermal and Lighting Consumption Savings in Classrooms Retrofitted with Shading Devices in a Hot ClimateENERGIES
Artículo2018Thermodynamic Model for Performance Analysis of a Stirling Engine PrototypeENERGIES
Artículo2017A Market-Based Analysis on the Main Characteristics of Gearboxes Used in Onshore Wind TurbinesENERGIES
Artículo2017Design and Performance of Test Cells as an Energy Evaluation Model of Facades in a Mediterranean Building AreaENERGIES
Artículo2017Parametric Investigation Using Computational Fluid Dynamics of the HVAC Air Distribution in a Railway Vehicle for Representative Weather and Operating ConditionsENERGIES
Artículo2017Process heat generation potential from solar concentration technologies in Latin america: the case of ArgentinaENERGIES
Editorial2017Recent Advances in Energy Time Series ForecastingENERGIES
Artículo2016A comparison of impedance-based fault location methods for power underground distribution systemsENERGIES
Artículo2016A New Fast Peak Current Controller for Transient Voltage Faults for Power ConvertersENERGIES
Artículo2016Power Production Losses Study by Frequency Regulation in Weak-Grid-Connected Utility-Scale Photovoltaic PlantsENERGIES
Artículo2015A Simplified Simulation Model for Predicting Radiative Transfer in Long Street Canyons under High Solar Radiation ConditionsENERGIES
Artículo2015A Survey on Data Mining Techniques Applied to Electricity-Related Time Series ForecastingENERGIES
Artículo2015Energy Efficiency Indicators for Assessing Construction Systems Storing Renewable Energy: Application to Phase Change Material-Bearing FacadesENERGIES
Artículo2014Artificial neural network for short-term load forecasting in distribution systemsENERGIES
Artículo2014Energy Efficiency in Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Techniques: Cooling Boxes versus Cellulose PadsENERGIES
Artículo2012Parametric Study of Thermodynamics in the Mediterranean Courtyard as a Tool for the Design of Eco-Efficient BuildingsENERGIES
Artículo2012Reducing the Energy Demand of Multi-Dwelling Units in a Mediterranean Climate Using Solar Protection ElementsENERGIES
Artículo2012Towards Energy Demand Reduction in Social Housing Buildings: Envelope System Optimization StrategiesENERGIES
Artículo2011Towards an Analysis of Daylighting Simulation SoftwareENERGIES
Artículo2009A Simulation Tool for Geometrical Analysis and Optimization of Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates: Development, Validation and ResultsENERGIES