Publicaciones en la fuente FOODS

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Artículo2021A study of overripe seed byproducts from sun-dried grapes by dispersive raman spectroscopyFOODS
Artículo2021A survey on dietary supplement consumption in amateur and professional rugby playersFOODS
Editorial2021Active ingredients from foods: biochemical and processing aspects.FOODS
Artículo2021Anti‐inflammatory action of dietary wild olive (Acebuche) oil in the retina of hypertensive miceFOODS
Artículo2021Antihypertensive and antioxidant activity of chia protein techno-functional extensive hydrolysatesFOODS
Artículo2021Assessment of fennel oil microfluidized nanoemulsions stabilization by advanced performance xanthan gum.FOODS
Artículo2021Assessment of sensory and texture profiles of grape seeds at real maturity stages using image analysisFOODS
Editorial2021Better animal feeding for improving the quality of ruminant meat and dairyFOODS
Artículo2021Chemical, physical, and sensory effects of the use of bentonite at different stages of the production of traditional sparkling winesFOODS
Artículo2021Effects of algae meal supplementation in feedlot lambs with competent reticular groove reflex on growth performance, carcass traits and meat characteristicsFOODS
Artículo2021European database of carotenoid levels in foods. Factors affecting carotenoid content.FOODS
Artículo2021Genotoxicity evaluation of Propyl-Propane-Thiosulfinate (PTS) from allium genus essential oils by a combination of micronucleus and comet assays in ratsFOODS
Artículo2021In vivo genotoxicity evaluation of a stilbene extract prior to its use as a natural additive: a combination of the micronucleus test and the comet assayFOODS
Artículo2021Nutritional quality of the most consumed varieties of raw and cooked rice in Spain submitted to an in vitro digestion modelFOODS
Artículo2021Optimization of protein extraction of oenological interest from grape seed meal using design of experiments and response surface methodologyFOODS
Artículo2021Physicochemical composition, antioxidant status, fatty acid profile, and volatile compounds of milk and fresh and ripened ewes' cheese from a sustainable part-time grazing systemFOODS
Artículo2021Polyphenolic characterization of merlot, tannat and syrah skin extracts at different degrees of maturity and anti-inflammatory potential in RAW 264.7 cellsFOODS
Revisión2021Proteins from agri-food industrial biowastes or co-products and their applications as green materials.FOODS
Artículo2021Rapid, effective, and versatile extraction of gluten in food with application on different immunological methodsFOODS
Artículo2021Reduction of the number of samples for cost-effective hyperspectral grape quality predictive modelsFOODS
Artículo2021Screening for Innovative Sources of Carotenoids and Phenolic Antioxidants among Flowers.FOODS
Revisión2021Toxicological evaluation of piceatannol, pterostilbene, and ε‐viniferin for their potential use in the food industry: a reviewFOODS
Artículo2021White button mushroom extracts modulate hepatic fibrosis progression, inflammation, and oxidative stress in vitro and in ldlr-/-miceFOODS
Artículo2020Amino acid profiles to differentiate white wines from three autochtonous Galician varietiesFOODS
Artículo2020Anticancer Activities of Meroterpenoids Isolated from the Brown Alga Cystoseira usneoides against the Human Colon Cancer Cells HT-29FOODS
Artículo2020Characterization of andean blueberry in bioactive compounds, evaluation of biological properties, and in vitro bioaccessibilityFOODS
Artículo2020Comparison of the novel thin film-solid phase microextraction and sorptive extraction methods for Picual and Hojiblanca olive oil volatile fraction analysis in headspaceFOODS
Artículo2020Differentiation between ripening stages of Iberian dry-cured ham according to the free amino acids contentFOODS
Artículo2020Effect of Citrus By-product on Physicochemical Parameters, Sensory Analysis and Volatile Composition of Different Kinds of Cheese from Raw Goat MilkFOODS
Artículo2020Effect of rearing system on the straight and branched fatty acids of goat milk and meat of suckling kidsFOODS
Artículo2020Effect of two organic production strategies and ageing time on textural characteristics of beef from the retinta breedFOODS
Artículo2020Effects of farm management practices and transport time on post-mortem changes of longissimus lumborum muscle proteins in suckling goat kidsFOODS
Artículo2020Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and atheroprotective properties of wheat gluten protein hydrolysates in primary human monocytesFOODS
Artículo2020Formulations of rancid and winey-vinegary artificial olfactory reference materials (AORMs) for virgin olive oil sensory evaluationFOODS
Artículo2020Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Seed Oil: A Functional Food from the Winemaking IndustryFOODS
Artículo2020Hyperspectral imaging coupled with multivariate analysis and image processing for detection and visualisation of colour in cooked sausages stuffed in different modified casingsFOODS
Artículo2020Hypolipidemic and hypoglycaemic effect of wholemeal bread with amaranth (Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell.) on sprague dawley ratsFOODS
Artículo2020Mesophilic semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of strawberry extrudate pretreated with steam explosionFOODS
Artículo2020Monitoring virgin olive oil shelf-life by fluorescence spectroscopy and sensory characteristics: a multidimensional study carried out under simulated market conditionsFOODS
Artículo2019Assessment of Virgin Olive Oil Adulteration by a Rapid Luminescent MethodFOODS
Artículo2019Effects of Two Different Irrigation Systems on the Amino Acid Concentrations, Volatile Composition and Sensory Profiles of Godello Musts and WinesFOODS
Artículo2019Influence of the use of milk replacers and pH on the texture profiles of raw and cooked meat of suckling kidsFOODS
Artículo2019Integrated Process for Sequential Extraction of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds and Proteins from Mill and Field Olive Leaves and Effects on the Lignocellulosic ProfileFOODS
Artículo2019Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast Inocula Modulate the Volatile Profile of Spanish-Style Green Table Olive FermentationsFOODS
Artículo2019Potential of Cooperage Byproducts Rich in Ellagitannins to Improve the Antioxidant Activity and Color Expression of Red Wine AnthocyaninsFOODS
Artículo2019Sensory Profile and Acceptability of HydroSOStainable AlmondsFOODS