Publicaciones en la fuente JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022An Exercise and Educational and Self-management Program Delivered With a Smartphone App (CareHand) in Adults With Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hands: Randomized Controlled Trial.JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2021Toward a better understanding of the intention to use mHealth apps: exploratory study.JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020A Mobile Health Solution Complementing Psychopharmacology-Supported Smoking Cessation: Randomized Controlled TrialJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020A personalized physical activity coaching app for breast cancer survivors: design process and early prototype testingJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020Assessment of the fairness of privacy policies of mobile health apps: scale development and evaluation in cancer appsJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2020Breast cancer survivors' perspectives on motivational and personalization strategies in mobile app-based physical activity coaching interventions: qualitative studyJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Revisión2020Privacy Assessment in Mobile Health Apps: Scoping ReviewJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Revisión2020The use of virtual reality technologies in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: systematic reviewJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2019The Potential of Self-Management mHealth for Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis: Mixed-Methods Study for Health Care and App AssessmentJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2018Electronic 12-hour dietary recall (E-12HR): Comparison of a mobile phone app for dietary intake assessment with a food frequency questionnaire and four dietary recordsJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2018Exploring the specific needs of persons with multiple sclerosis for mHealth solutions for physical activity: mixed-methods studyJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Revisión2018Mobile health solutions for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: scoping literature reviewJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2018More Stamina, a Gamified mHealth Solution for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: Research Through DesignJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Artículo2018Supply and demand in mHealth apps for persons with multiple sclerosis: systematic search in app stores and scoping literature reviewJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH
Revisión2017Mobile Phone Apps for Quality of Life and Well-Being Assessment in Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients: Systematic ReviewJMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH