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Corrección2023Correction: Evolving trends in the management of acute appendicitis during COVID-19 waves: the ACIE appy II study (World Journal of Surgery, (2022), 46, 9, (2021-2035), 10.1007/s00268-022-06649-z)WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2022Establishing peer consensus about the use of long-term biosynthetic absorbable mesh for hernia (grades 2–3) as the standard of careWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2022Evolving trends in the management of acute appendicitis during COVID-19 waves: the ACIE appy II studyWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2021Patients over 65 years with acute complicated calculous biliary disease are treated differently-Results and insights from the ESTES snapshot auditWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2020Definitions for loss of domain: an international Delphi consensus of expert surgeonsWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2020META Score: An International Consensus Scoring System on Mesh-Tissue AdhesionsWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2013Outcome of patients with aggressive pseudomyxoma peritonei treated by cytoreductive surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapyWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2010Human Fibrinogen Patches Application Reduces Intra-Abdominal Infectious Complications in Pancreas Transplant with Enteric DrainageWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2010Impact of Peritoneal Dialysis Versus Hemodialysis on Incidence of Intra-abdominal Infection After Simultaneous Pancreas Kidney TransplantWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2009Laparoscopic Monitored Colonoscopic Polypectomy: Long-Term Follow-UpWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2008Laparoscopic intraluminal surgery for gastrointestinal malignanciesWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2008Long-term experience with the laparoscopic approach to perforated diverticulitis plus generalized peritonitisWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Letter2004Letter to the Editor [1] (multiple letters)WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Letter2004Untitled - To the editor - ReplyWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2002Effect of internal biliary drainage on plasma levels of endotoxin, cytokines, and C-reactive protein in patients with obstructive jaundiceWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Ponencia2002Effects of human recombinant growth hormone on donor-site healing in burned adultsWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo2001Factors predicting nutritional derangements in patients with obstructive jaundice: Multivariate analysisWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
Artículo1999Preoperative assessment of body fluid disturbances in patients with obstructive jaundiceWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY