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Artículo2022A combinatorial optimization approach to scenario filtering in portfolio selectionCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Benders decomposition for network design covering problemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Matheuristics for the flowshop scheduling problem with controllable processing times and limited resource consumption to minimize total tardinessCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2022New efficient heuristics for scheduling open shops with makespan minimizationCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2022Solving real-size stochastic railway rapid transit network construction scheduling problemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2022The heterogeneous flexible periodic vehicle routing problem: mathematical formulations and solution algorithmsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021A comparative study of different formulations for the capacitated discrete ordered median problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021A robust optimization model for distribution network design under a mixed integer set of scenariosCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Coordinating drones with mothership vehicles: the mothership and drone routing problem with graphsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021On the multisource hyperplanes location problem to fitting set of pointsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Optimal randomized classification treesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Variable selection for Naïve Bayes classificationCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2020A genetic algorithm for scheduling open shops with sequence-dependent setup timesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2020Clustering and portfolio selection problems: A unified frameworkCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2020Relationship between common objective functions, idle time and waiting time in permutation flow shop schedulingCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2020Selection of time instants and intervals with Support Vector Regression for multivariate functional dataCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019A best-of-breed iterated greedy for the permutation flowshop scheduling problem with makespan objectiveCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019A heuristic procedure for computing the nucleolusCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019Cost-sensitive Feature Selection for Support Vector MachinesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019Efficiency of the solution representations for the hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with makespan objectiveCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019New models for the location of controversial facilities: A bilevel programming approachCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019Reformulations and an exact algorithm for unrelated parallel machine scheduling problems with setup timesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019Robust minmax regret combinatorial optimization problems with a resource-dependent uncertainty polyhedron of scenariosCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2019The stratified p-center problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2018Genetic algorithms to optimize the operating costs of electricity and heating networks in buildings considering distributed energy generation and storageCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2018Locating hyperplanes to fitting set of points: A general frameworkCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2018Mathematical programming formulations for the efficient solution of the k-sum approval voting problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017A beam-search-based constructive heuristic for the PFSP to minimise total flowtimeCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017A comparative study of formulations and solution methods for the discrete ordered p-median problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017A minimum expected regret model for the shortest path problem with solution-dependent probability distributionsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017An adaptive neighborhood search metaheuristic for the integrated railway rapid transit network design and line planning problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017An exact algorithm for Min-Max hyperstructure equipartition with a connected constraintCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Minmax regret combinatorial optimization problems with investmentsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017New approximate algorithms for the customer order scheduling problem with total completion time objectiveCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Reduction of permutation flowshop problems to single machine problems using machine dominance relationsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Solving multifacility Huff location models on networks using metaheuristic and exact approachesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017The 2-stage assembly flowshop scheduling problem with total completion time: Efficient constructive heuristic and metaheuristicCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2017Visualizing proportions and dissimilarities by Space-filling maps: A Large Neighborhood Search approachCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Efficient constructive and composite heuristics for the Permutation Flowshop to minimise total earliness and tardinessCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Robust newsvendor problem with autoregressive demandCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015A heuristic method for simultaneous tower and pattern-free field optimization on solar power systemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015A new set of high-performing heuristics to minimise flowtime in permutation flowshopsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Efficient non-population-based algorithms for the permutation flowshop scheduling problem with makespan minimisation subject to a maximum tardinessCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Modelling and planning public cultural schedules for efficient use of resourcesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015NEH-based heuristics for the permutation flowshop scheduling problem to minimise total tardinessCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2015When centers can fail: A close second opportunityCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014A global optimisation approach for parameter estimation of a mixture of double Pareto lognormal and lognormal distributionsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014A local search heuristic for the (r vertical bar p)-centroid problem in the planeCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014A nested heuristic for parameter tuning in Support Vector MachinesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014Exact formulations and algorithm for the train timetabling problem with dynamic demandCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014Multi-instance classification through spherical separation and VNSCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014On insertion tie-breaking rules in heuristics for the permutation flowshop scheduling problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2014rs-Sparse principal component analysis: A mixed integer nonlinear programming approach with VNSCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2013A geometric model for an effective rescheduling after reducing service in public transportation systemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2013Exact cost minimization of a series-parallel reliable system with multiple component choices using an algebraic methodCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2013Finding the nucleolus of any n-person cooperative game by a single linear programCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2013Minimizing ordered weighted averaging of rational functions with applications to continuous locationCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Revisión2013Supervised classification and mathematical optimizationCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2012A competing risks analysis of the duration of federal target funds ratesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2012A computational study of a nonlinear minsum facility location problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2012Gaussian variable neighborhood search for continuous optimizationCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2011On minimax-regret Huff location modelsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2011Single-allocation ordered median hub location problemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2011Slacks-based measure of efficiency of airports with airplanes delays as undesirable outputsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2010Finding an Euclidean anti-k-centrum location of a set of pointsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Revisión2010Review and classification of hybrid flow shop scheduling problems from a production system and a solutions procedure perspectiveCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2010Setting a common due date in a constrained flowshop: A variable neighbourhood search approachCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2009A comparison of formulations and solution methods for the minimum-envy location problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2009Multiobjective target setting in data envelopment analysis using AHPCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2009Scheduling permutation flowshops with initial availability constraint: Analysis of solutions and constructive heuristicsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Editorial2009Selected papers presented at the tenth International Symposium on Locational Decisions (ISOLDE X) ForewordCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2009The multi-period incremental service facility location problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2008A generalized model of equality measures in network location problemsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2008Dynamic supply chain design with inventoryCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2008Locating a low-level waste disposal siteCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Editorial2008New trends in locational analysisCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2008Quasiconvex constrained multicriteria continuous location problems: Structure of nondominated solution setsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2008Viral systems: A new bio-inspired optimisation approachCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2006An enhanced timetabling procedure for the no-wait job shop problem: a complete local search approachCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2006Computing obnoxious 1-corner polygonal chainsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2006Data envelopment analysis of integer-valued inputs and outputsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2006Exact procedures for solving the discrete ordered median problemCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2005Comparison of heuristics for flowtime minimisation in permutation flowshopsCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Artículo2002Locating stations on rapid transit linesCOMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH