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Editorial2022A new challenge for data analytics: transposons.BIODATA MINING
Artículo2022ALGAEFUN with MARACAS, microALGAE FUNctional enrichment tool for MicroAlgae RnA-seq and Chip-seq AnalysiSBMC BIOINFORMATICS
Artículo2022Aβ oligomers trigger necroptosis-mediated neurodegeneration via microglia activation in Alzheimer's diseaseACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Determining factors of functioning in hemodialysis patients using the international classification of functioning, disability and healthBMC NEPHROLOGY
Artículo2022Deviations from temporal scaling support a stage-specific regulation for C. elegans postembryonic developmentBMC BIOLOGY
Artículo2022Integrating pathway knowledge with deep neural networks to reduce the dimensionality in single-cell RNA-seq dataBIODATA MINING
Artículo2022Integrative development of a short screening questionnaire of highly processed food consumption (sQ-HPF)INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
Artículo2021Adjuvant nivolumab for stage III/IV melanoma: evaluation of safety outcomes and association with recurrence-free survivalJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2021Circulating myeloid-derived suppressor cells and regulatory T cells as immunological biomarkers in refractory/relapsed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: translational results from the R2-GDP-GOTEL trialJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2021Clinical and molecular parameters associated to pneumonitis development in non-small-cell lung cancer patients receiving chemoimmunotherapy from NADIM trialJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Corrección2021Correction to: The evolution of the ventilatory ratio is a prognostic factor in mechanically ventilated COVID-19 ARDS patients (Critical Care, (2021), 25, 1, (331), 10.1186/s13054-021-03727-x)CRITICAL CARE
Artículo2021Effects of carbohydrate and caffeine mouth rinsing on strength, muscular endurance and cognitive performanceJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Artículo2021Empty spiracles homeobox genes EMX1 and EMX2 regulate WNT pathway activation in sarcomagenesisJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
Artículo2021Prognostic model of long-term advanced stage (IIIB-IV) EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) survivors using real-life dataBMC CANCER
Artículo2021Splicing factors control triple-negative breast cancer cell mitosis through SUN2 interaction and sororin intron retentionJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
Revisión2021Stem cells and COVID-19: are the human amniotic cells a new hope for therapies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus?Stem cell research & therapy
Artículo2021The evolution of the ventilatory ratio is a prognostic factor in mechanically ventilated COVID-19 ARDS patientsCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2021Trauma quality indicators: internationally approved core factors for trauma management quality evaluationWORLD JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY SURGERY
Letter2021Ultraviolet disinfection robots to improve hospital cleaning: Real promise or just a gimmick?ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2020A one health framework to estimate the cost of antimicrobial resistanceANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2020Challenging the selection for consistency in the rank of endurance competitionsGENETICS SELECTION EVOLUTION
Artículo2020Clinical performance evaluation of the Idylla (TM) EGFR Mutation Test on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue of non-small cell lung cancerBMC CANCER
Artículo2020Effects of caffeine supplementation on physical performance and mood dimensions in elite and trained-recreational athletesJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Artículo2020Genetic inbreeding depression load for morphological traits and defects in the Pura Raza Española horseGENETICS SELECTION EVOLUTION
Artículo2020Neocortical tissue recovery in severe congenital obstructive hydrocephalus after intraventricular administration of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cellsStem cell research & therapy
Artículo2020Nivolumab and sunitinib combination in advanced soft tissue sarcomas: a multicenter, single-arm, phase Ib/II trialJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2020Risk perception of the antimicrobial resistance by infection control specialists in Europe: a case-vignette studyANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2019A multimodal intervention program to control a long-term Acinetobacter baumannii endemic in a tertiary care hospitalANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Corrección2019Aedes vittatus in Spain: current distribution, barcoding characterization and potential role as vectors of human diseases (vol 11, 297, 2018)PARASITES & VECTORS
Artículo2019Altered myogenesis and premature senescence underlie human TRIM32-related myopathyACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Colistin versus meropenem in the empirical treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia (Magic Bullet study): an investigator-driven, open-label, randomized, noninferiority controlled trialCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2019Effect of homeostatic T-cell proliferation in the vaccine responsiveness against influenza in elderly peopleIMMUNITY & AGEING
Artículo2019Functional characterization of two enhancers located downstream FOXP2BMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2019Genome sequencing of evolved aspergilli populations reveals robust genomes, transversions in A. flavus, and sexual aberrancy in non-homologous end-joining mutantsBMC BIOLOGY
Artículo2019IHDIP: a controlled randomized trial to assess the security and effectiveness of the incremental hemodialysis in incident patientsBMC NEPHROLOGY
Artículo2019Isotemporal substitution of inactive time with physical activity and time in bed: Cross-sectional associations with cardiometabolic health in the PREDIMED-Plus studyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
Artículo2019Knowledge, attitude and disinformation regarding vaccination and immunization practices among healthcare workers of a third-level paediatric hospitalITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS
Artículo2019New markers for human ovarian cancer that link platinum resistance to the cancer stem cell phenotype and define new therapeutic combinations and diagnostic toolsJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
Artículo2019Next generation sequencing of PD-L1 for predicting response to immune checkpoint inhibitorsJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2019Spanish validation of the self-evaluation of negative symptoms scale SNS in an adolescent populationBMC psychiatry
Artículo2019VIGLA-M: visual gene expression data analyticsBMC BIOINFORMATICS
Artículo2019Visualization of coronary arteries in paediatric patients using whole-heart coronary magnetic resonance angiography: comparison of image-navigation and the standard approach for respiratory motion compensationJOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE
Artículo2018A randomized phase II clinical trial of dendritic cell vaccination following complete resection of colon cancer liver metastasis 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1112 Oncology and CarcinogenesisJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2018Achieving Thoracic Oncology data collection in Europe: a precursor study in 35 CountriesBMC CANCER
Revisión2018Acute caffeine supplementation in combat sports: a systematic reviewJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Artículo2018Advanced sporadic renal epithelioid angiomyolipoma: Case report of an extraordinary response to sirolimus linked to TSC2 mutationBMC CANCER
Artículo2018Aedes vittatus in Spain: current distribution, barcoding characterization and potential role as a vector of human diseasesPARASITES & VECTORS
Artículo2018Combined flow cytometry and high-throughput image analysis for the study of essential genes in Caenorhabditis elegansBMC BIOLOGY
Artículo2018Community Assessment of COPD Health Care (COACH) study: a clinical audit on primary care performance variability in COPD careBMC MEDICAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
Letter2018Differences in the Neanderthal BRCA2 gene might be related to their distinctive cognitive profileHEREDITAS
Artículo2018Effects of a single dose of beetroot juice on cycling time trial performance at ventilatory thresholds intensity in male triathletesJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Revisión2018Effects of beetroot juice supplementation on intermittent high-intensity exercise effortsJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Artículo2018Effects of beta-alanine supplementation during a 5-week strength training program: a randomized, controlled studyJOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Artículo2018Intestinal colonization due to Escherichia coli ST131: risk factors and prevalenceANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2018MAP17 predicts sensitivity to platinum-based therapy, EGFR inhibitors and the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib in lung adenocarcinomaJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
Artículo2018Pairwise gene GO-based measures for biclustering of high-dimensional expression dataBIODATA MINING
Artículo2018Predicting response to checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma beyond PD-L1 and mutational burdenJOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER
Artículo2018Predictors of one-year mortality after hospitalization for an exacerbation of COPDBMC PULMONARY MEDICINE
Artículo2018Social media posts and online search behaviour as early-warning system for MRSA outbreaksANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2018TRIQ: a new method to evaluate triclustersBIODATA MINING
Corrección2017Contribution of Candida biomarkers and DNA detection for the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis in ICU patients with severe abdominal conditions (vol 20, 149, 2016)CRITICAL CARE
Artículo2017Durable complete remission with aromatase inhibitor therapy in a patient with metastatic uterine carcinosarcoma with poor performance status and coagulation disorders: a case reportJournal of Medical Case Reports
Artículo2017Factors related to healthy sexual and contraceptive behaviors in undergraduate students at university of Seville: a cross-sectional studyREPRODUCTIVE HEALTH
Artículo2017Genome-wide pathway analysis identifies VEGF pathway association with oral ulceration in systemic lupus erythematosusARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2017Improved passive catheter tracking with positive contrast for CMR-guided cardiac catheterization using partial saturation (pSAT)JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE
Artículo2017Infection prevention and control measures and tools for the prevention of entry of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae into healthcare settings: guidance from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Revisión2017Patient engagement with surgical site infection prevention: an expert panel perspectiveANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL
Artículo2017The Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery: defining a model for antimicrobial stewardship-results from an international cross-sectional surveyWORLD JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY SURGERY
Artículo2016Contribution of Candida biomarkers and DNA detection for the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis in ICU patients with severe abdominal conditionsCRITICAL CARE
Revisión2016Primary cerebral malignant melanoma in insular region with extracranial metastasis: case report and review literatureWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
Artículo2016Spatio-temporal activation of caspase-8 in myeloid cells upon ischemic strokeACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance catheterization derived pulmonary vascular resistance and medium-term outcomes in congenital heart diseaseJOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE
Revisión2015Combatting resistance in intensive care: the multimodal approach of the Spanish ICU "Zero Resistance" programCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2015Development of behavioral parameters and ERPs in a novel-target visual detection paradigm in children, adolescents and young adultsBEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN FUNCTIONS
Artículo2015Integrated analysis of whole-exome sequencing and transcriptome profiling in males with autism spectrum disordersMOLECULAR AUTISM
Artículo2015Next-generation-based targeted sequencing as an efficient tool for the study of the genetic background in Hirschsprung patientsBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2015Vitamin D deficiency in chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases: results of the cardiovascular in rheumatology [CARMA] studyARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2014Administration of fibrinogen concentrate for refractory bleeding in massively transfused, non-trauma patients with coagulopathy: a retrospective study with comparator groupBMC ANESTHESIOLOGY
Artículo2014Differential expression of C-Reactive protein and Serum amyloid A in different cell types in the lung tissue of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patientsBMC PULMONARY MEDICINE
Artículo2014In vivo modification of Abeta plaque toxicity as a novel neuroprotective lithium-mediated therapy for Alzheimer's disease pathologyACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014MiR-107 and miR-99a-3p predict chemotherapy response in patients with advanced colorectal cancerBMC CANCER
Artículo2014Prognostic and diagnostic value of eosinopenia, C-reactive protein, procalcitonin, and circulating cell-free DNA in critically ill patients admitted with suspicion of sepsisCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2014The role of Galectin-3 in α-synuclein-induced microglial activationACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Association of the AIRE gene with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis in a European population: a case control studyARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2013Configurable pattern-based evolutionary biclustering of gene expression dataALGORITHMS FOR MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2013HLA and non-HLA genes in Behcet's disease: a multicentric study in the Spanish populationARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2013The screen for cognitive impairment in psychiatry: diagnostic-specific standardization in psychiatric ill patientsBMC psychiatry
Artículo2012Determination of inflammatory biomarkers in patients with COPD: A comparison of different assaysBMC MEDICAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
Artículo2012Induction of superficial zone protein (SZP)/lubricin/PRG 4 in muscle-derived mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells by transforming growth factor-beta 1 and bone morphogenetic protein-7ARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2012Narrow band quantitative and multivariate electroencephalogram analysis of peri-adolescent periodBMC NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2012Systemic-to-pulmonary collateral flow in patients with palliated univentricular heart physiology: measurement using cardiovascular magnetic resonance 4D velocity acquisitionJOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE
Artículo2011Biclustering of Gene Expression Data by Correlation-Based Scatter SearchBIODATA MINING
Artículo2011Comprehensive analysis of RET common and rare variants in a series of Spanish Hirschsprung patients confirms a synergistic effect of both kinds of eventsBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2011Differential expression of THOC1 and ALY mRNP biogenesis/export factors in human cancersBMC CANCER
Artículo2011Emergency adrenalectomy due to acute heart failure secondary to complicated pheochromocytoma: a case reportWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
Artículo2010Autocrine regulation of human sperm motility by tachykininsREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2010Captopril reduces cardiac inflammatory markers in spontaneously hypertensive rats by inactivation of NF-kBJOURNAL OF INFLAMMATION-LONDON
Artículo2010Coevolution in Multispecific Interactions among Free-Living SpeciesEvolution: Education and Outreach
Artículo2010Inferring gene regression networks with model treesBMC BIOINFORMATICS
Artículo2010Mitochondrial dysfunction and mitophagy activation in blood mononuclear cells of fibromyalgia patients: implications in the pathogenesis of the diseaseARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Artículo2010Novel association of severe neonatal encephalopathy and Hirschsprung disease in a male with a duplication at the Xq28 regionBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2010Novel MLPA procedure using self-designed probes allows comprehensive analysis for CNVs of the genes involved in Hirschsprung diseaseBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2010The correlation between urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and sperm quality in infertile men and rotating shift workersREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2009A novel study of Copy Number Variations in Hirschsprung disease using the Multiple Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) techniqueBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2009Golgi localisation of GMAP210 requires two distinct cis-membrane binding mechanismsBMC BIOLOGY
Artículo2009Molecular and functional characterization of voltage-gated sodium channels in human spermREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2009Reduced levels of intracellular calcium releasing in spermatozoa from asthenozoospermic patientsREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2009The Spanish HIV BioBank: a model of cooperative HIV researchRETROVIROLOGY
Artículo2009The Symbiosis Interactome: a computational approach reveals novel components, functional interactions and modules in Sinorhizobium melilotiBMC SYSTEMS BIOLOGY
Artículo2008Dietary regulation of hypodermal polyploidization in C-elegansBMC DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
Revisión2008Differential prefrontal-like deficit in children after cerebellar astrocytoma and medulloblastoma tumorBEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN FUNCTIONS
Artículo2008Fuzzy association rules for biological data analysis: A case study on yeastBMC BIOINFORMATICS
Artículo2008Individual increase in inbreeding allows estimating effective sizes from pedigreesGENETICS SELECTION EVOLUTION
Artículo2008Interaction between Calpain 5, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma and Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta genes: a polygenic approach to obesityCARDIOVASCULAR DIABETOLOGY
Artículo2008Methylation alterations are not a major cause of PTTG1 missregulationBMC CANCER
Artículo2007Calpain-5 gene variants are associated with diastolic blood pressure and cholesterol levelsBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2006Declarative and procedural learning in children and adolescents with posterior fossa tumoursBEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN FUNCTIONS
Artículo2006Differential cognitive impairment for diverse forms of multiple sclerosisBMC NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2006Empiric broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy of nosocomial pneumonia in the intensive care unit: a prospective observational studyCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2006Oxidative stress is increased in critically ill patients according to antioxidant vitamins intake, independent of severity: a cohort studyCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2006Three novel and the common Arg677Ter RP1 protein truncating mutations causing autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa in a Spanish populationBMC MEDICAL GENETICS
Artículo2006Timing of adequate antibiotic therapy is a greater determinant of outcome than are TNF and IL-10 polymorphisms in patients with sepsisCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2005Cerebral perfusion pressure and risk of brain hypoxia in severe head injury: a prospective observational studyCRITICAL CARE
Artículo2001Characterization of Lr46, a gene conferring partial resistance to wheat leaf rustHEREDITAS
Artículo2001Partial resistance to leaf rust in a collection of ancient Spanish barleysHEREDITAS
Artículo2001Search for partial resistance to leaf rust in a collection of ancient Spanish wheatsHEREDITAS